Twister Trimmer T4 - Wet Trimmer
  • 128000 twister t4
  • Twister t4 sideways
  • Twister t4 face on
  • Twister t4 face on 2
  • Twister t4 neoprene collar
  • Twister t4 trim bag away
  • Twister t4 trim bag towards
  • 128000 twister t4
  • 128020 twister t4 wet and dry
  • 128025 twister t4 wet and dry with clear cut

Twister Trimmer T4 - Wet Trimmer


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Twister T4 Trimmer with Wet Tumbler

£7,495.95 £7,495.95
Twister Trimmer T4 - Wet Trimmer
  • 128000 twister t4
  • Twister t4 sideways
  • Twister t4 face on
  • Twister t4 face on 2
  • Twister t4 neoprene collar
  • Twister t4 trim bag away
  • Twister t4 trim bag towards
  • 128000 twister t4
  • 128020 twister t4 wet and dry
  • 128025 twister t4 wet and dry with clear cut

Twister Trimmer T4 - Wet Trimmer with Dry Tumbler and Clear Cut Spray available on request, please call our customer service team on 01782 749955 or email:

Trimming Sucks – Take the Strain Out of It with the Twister Trimmer T4

We all love to grow, but many loathe trimming at harvest time, when bumper yields take all our free time, huddled over our beloved plants. Sure, trimming sucks but it doesn’t have to! The Twister Trimmer T4 Wet and Dry Trimming Kit with Clear Cut Spray allows you to trim your dry, partly dry or wet harvest in a matter of minutes, not days and weeks, transforming the trimming process from a daunting task to an exciting one to look forward to. The handy, all-natural Clear Cut Spray keeps your blades clean for consistent cutting performance, while helping to lubricate the trimmer as a whole. By using advanced, patent-pending trimming technology to do all the hard work, the Twister Trimmer T4 saves you vast amounts of valuable time and money. Enough time and money to grow even more product!

Using the Twister Trimmer T4, you can process up 15 kg of wet product per hour using the wet tumbler or 6 kg per hour with the dry tumbler, both with minimal human handling or intervention, trimming it to perfection while preserving the delicate essential oils. Unlike human trimmers, the Twister Trimmer T4 doesn't need rest, sleep or lunch – it provides a fast, quality trim continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if required.

  • Designed for the most demanding growers, who required large scale, high quality trimming solutions
  • Twister Trimmer trims in minutes or hours, not days or weeks like hand trimming
  • Comes with optional Dry tumbler for pre-dried flowers
  • Can be used on both wet and dry material, from 11% water content to fresh cut from the plant
  • Processes up to 6kg of dry product using the dry tumbler or 15kg wet per hour using the wet tumbler
  • Both tumblers are gentle on flowers using Soft Tumble Technology - ensures flowers experience minimal tumble time
  • Adjustable tilting action and highly polished 304 stainless steel non-stick side walls prevent crawling
  • Minimal human handling and intervention required, preserves delicate essential oils and bruising 
  • High powered motor ensures long term high performance 
  • Adjustable blade profile ensures a precise, even cut on all material
  • Excellent investment over hand trimmers and other automated trimming units
  • Comes in two parts for easy storage, portability and cleaning
  • Easy to switch out tumblers, covering both wet and dry flowers in one package
  • No tools required, simply plug in and you're ready to trim
  • Expandable - connect two, three or four T4's in sequence for commercial trimming projects
  • Optional Clear Cut Spray, which lubricates all moving parts and keeps the blade clean
  • Clear Cut Spray is an all-natural, hemp-based formula, providing a non-stick coating which is safe for you and your plants
  • One of the most advanced trimming systems currently on the market
  • Built to last, using high grade aluminium and stainless steel
  • The culmination of a decade of research and development into automated trimming technology
  • Comes with 2 years manufactures warranty


1x Twister Trimmer T4 with wet tumbler as standard
1x Dry tumbler (optional)
1x Vacuum pump
1x Neoprene sleeve (for sealing the between T4 and Vacuum pump)
1x Trim catchment bag
1x 1 litre of Clear Cut Spary (optional)

Twister Trimmer T4 dimensions:
75cm x 35cm x 42cm

Twister Trimmer T4 weight:

Vacuum pump dimensions:
56cm x 40cm x 48cm

Vacuum pump weight:

Noise rating:
77 db


Total power draw:
1200 watts

Power lead length:

Recommended additional purchase

White Pollen Bag (to catch and contain essential oils from flowers)

Clear Cut Cleaner (to clean blade and all parts)

How the Twister Trimmer T4 Works:

The Twister Trimmer T4 features an anodized aluminium body and 304 stainless-steel tumbler, with a built-in motor to turn the wet or dry tumbler. A solid blade underneath cuts away leaf matter as it makes contact with the blade through the fewer, small holes in the wet tumbler or the larger, more numerous holes in the dry tumbler. Over time essential oil deposits will begin to build up on the blade and the many of the moving parts, to lubricate and de-grease these parts we've included the Clear Cut Spray. The Clear Cut Spray provides two key benefits, firstly it helps to lubricate the trimmer using it's hemp based, SAFE-certified formula. Secondly, it creates a non-stick barrier against essential oils, making cleaning much quick and easier.

The Twister Trimmer T4 uses Soft Tumble Technology and is mounted at a slight angle on a downward trajectory. The end product makes its way from the hopper, down the tumbler and out of the other end, getting precisely trimmed as it moves along. Once it leaves the system, it's perfectly trimmed, ready for curing (if dry) or drying (if wet). The Twister Trimmer T4 uses a vacuum pump underneath the trimmer for two reasons. Firstly, the vacuum helps to pull the flowers down towards the blade via suction, this prevents them from crawling up the sides of the tumbler and focuses the flowers path towards the end of the chamber. Secondly, the vacuum pump pulls all the loose trimmings into the provided trim catchment sack, well away from your finished product.

While the Twister Trimmer T4 appears to cost a large amount of money, it is a solid investment in your growing future, saving vast amounts of time that would otherwise be spent manually trimming or employing others to do the work for you. This saves time and money that can be better spent on crop tending and keeping more of your profits in your pocket. A great benefit of the Twister Trimmer T4 is that very little of the product is physically handled, this helps to prevent bruising of the flowers, leading to an all-round better-quality end product in terms of smell, flavour and appearance.

How to Use the Twister Trimmer T4:

The Twister Trimmer T4 comes fully assembled, only needing to be mounted onto the vacuum pump to get started. Just adjust the rubber feet to a slight downward angle and you're ready. As standard, the Twister Trimmer T4 comes with the wet tumbler. This has fewer, smaller holes than the dry version and is best used for product that has been freshly cut from a plant/s or partly dried beforehand. Place the Twister Trimmer T4 on top of the vacuum pump and seal the join between the two using the neoprene sleeve provided and attach the trim catchment sack. Once assembled turn on the Twister Trimmer T4 and place the flowers in the hopper, the hopper will guide the flowers towards the tumbler, where it will be rotated in the tumbler, by the motor and come into contact with the blade, cutting away the leaf matter. The flowers will travel down the tumbler as it's at a slight angle, coming out the other end trimmed with the excess plant matter sucked away via the vacuum pump.

It's important to keep the Twister Trimmer T4 clean while in use and well cleaned once its ready for storage. The Clear Cut Cleaner should be applied to the blade every 15-20 minutes and any sticky by-products removed to keep the Twister Trimmer T4 blade sharp. Use the blade adjustment knobs on the side of the trimmer to gain access to the blade and carefully scrape away any debris. After use, strip down the Twister Trimmer T4 and give it a thorough clean down.

For a comprehensive guide to using the Twister Trimmer T4 please see the PDF links below.

Twister Trimmer T4 U.K manual

Twister Trimmer T4 guide for wet trimming

Twister Trimmer T4 guide for dry trimming


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