Grow Tools Bonsai Scissors


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Grow Tools Bonsai Scissors - Affordable, Precision-Trimming

The Grow Tools Bonsai Scissors offer you an affordable way to safely trim your bonsai plants or other plant matter. If you're using regular scissors, you risk damaging your plants in the process; specialist Bonsai Scissors make trimming nice and easy, giving you full control over the plants you're trimming and increasing the chance of new shoots growing from the clean cuts.

Grow Tools Bonsai Scissors are perfect for trimming orchids, ornimental plants, fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and more.


  • Small thin blades for high-precision
  • Sharper and cleaner than standard scissors
  • Highly-ergonomic handles for hours of use
  • Ideal for bonsai plants and more
  • Provides minimal damage to plants
  • Need more power? Go for the Chika Chika Shears

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