Trimzilla Warrior Cut Leaf 18" Automatic Power Trimmer

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The Automatic Trimmer Worthy of Professionals

The Trimzilla 18" Automatic Power Trimmer brings you an easy way of cutting down (no pun intended) trimming times with its high power and precision trimming abiltiies. It comes equipped with three speed settings (either 1000,1250 or 1500 RPM) and will make trimming a dream.


  • High power, automated trimming with the Trimzilla
  • Three speed settings for added control (1000, 1250 or 1500 RPM)
  • Ideal for seperating excess leaves and twigs from plants
  • Heavy duty motor for reliable trimming
  • Solid structure for added stabilty during trimming
  • Large cutting area for processing big crops
  • Dramatically speeds up trimming times.

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