Grow Tools Harvest Pro Dry Rack (6 Layer)

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Grow Tools Harvest Pro Dry Rack (6 Layer)

The Grow Tools Harvest Pro Dry Rack (6 Layer) does for the drying process what pop-up tents do for campers, providing a sizeable 6 shelf drying platform made of perforated , non-absorbent fabric that bursts out from a handy 30cm carry case. Once you've finished drying your produce out, it can be folded back into its original case for easy transportation and convenient storage.

How the Grow Tools Harvest Pro Dry Rack (6 Layer):

The Grow Tools Harvest Pro Dry Rack (6 Layer) is supplied in its own carry case and opens out into a cylindrical unit of 6 tiers, 75cm in diameter and 130cm tall. It's comprised of three detachable segments, each with two perforated fabric drying shelves. These three segments are joined together using robust plastic clips. There are 25cm gaps in between each shelf to allow plenty of air flow, ensuring that your crop dries out as evenly as possible. Note that the hanging straps at the top of the net add 36cm to the total height, taking it to 166cm.

It's manufactured from non-absorbent material to avoid damp spots. When slightly damp items bunch together in drying racks, it can invite the development of moulds and the invasion of pathogenic bacteria, which can lead to wastage if not attended to speedily. The Lighthouse Drying Net's non-absorbent material helps to reduce the possibility of this ever developing.

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  • Non-absorbent fabric to avoid mould and pathogens
  • Fully collapsible – fits into a 30cm carry case
  • Simple to use – just hang from a hook
  • 6 x 75cm diameter compartments provide plenty of drying room
  • Detachable shelves - save space when drying smaller harvests
  • Perforated material provides plenty of airflow
  • Looking for a full drying kit? Check it out here!

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