Harvest More Trim Bin

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Harvest More Trim Bin - Trimming Made Easy

Discover the Harvest More Trim Bin - your ultimate trimming companion for a clean and efficient harvest! Designed with your comfort and productivity in mind, this innovative tool ensures a smooth and hassle-free trimming process.

When using the Harvest More Trim Bin, you'll enjoy a comfortable and ergonomic workspace, allowing you to trim your plants with ease; its high-quality materials and thoughtful design make trimming a breeze, saving you time and effort during harvest.

The Harvest More Trim Bin's precision trimming surface features a mesh screen that lets trimmed leaves and stems fall through, while the clean trim collects in the lower tray.

After a rewarding trimming session, cleaning up is a breeze. Simply wipe the Trim Bin with a damp cloth, and it's ready for your next harvest. With its durable construction, this essential tool provides reliable support for years to come!


  • Keeps trimming quick and efficient
  • High moulded work keeps even the most-yielding of crops manageable
  • The top bin contains a 150-micron interchangeable stainless steel screen
  • The bottom bin contains a mirror finish collection tray
  • Made from 100% recycled polypropylene
  • Sturdy and hardwearing

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