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Grove Bags — Industry Leading Smell Proof Bags

Grove Bags utilise TerpLoc® technology to keep your produce as fresh as possible, preserving and intensifying flavours and aromas. They've been custom designed to enhance the unique properties of the industry's most commonly grown plants.

Curing is one of the most crucial steps in the indoor growing process, though it's a process that is often criminally overlooked. When done properly, the curing process helps to break down chlorophyll and bring out extra flavours and aromas, creating a much better end-product. TerpLoc® technology makes the curing process as easy as possible by keeping the contents of each Grove Bag at the correct humidity level, between 58% and 62% — right in the sweet spot.

Grove Bags combine active humidity control with antimicrobial properties and low oxygen transfer rates. This maintains the integrity of your produce while preventing mould issues. Mould can spread right the way through the harvest if not kept in check. Use a Grove Bag and you can cure with extra peace of mind.

But it's not just high humidity levels that can be problematic; low humidity can be just as much of an issue. If your plant produce gets too dry, it will lose weight, causing your margins to shrink. Grove Bags take the hassle out of the situation by doing the hard work for you, keeping humidity levels spot-on.

If you want to push things a step further, Grove Bags can be heat-sealed. This increases the effects by around 2%, squeezing out some extra performance. Whichever way you chose to use them, you won't go far wrong.



1 x Your choice of size of Grove Bag Smellproof Bags


  • Grove Bags deliver weight retention, mould prevention and terpene preservation
  • Sizes available to suit every grower
  • Made with patented TerpLoc® technology to maintain optimal humidity levels
  • Leak-proof, resealable and re-useable
  • Low oxygen transfer rates to reduce oxidation
  • Protects against harmful ultraviolet light
  • Preserves flavours and aromas, for a superior tasting end-product
  • Can be heat-sealed for even better effects
  • Protects contents from pathogenic bacteria and fungi
  • Want to buy in bulk? See our Grove Bag Multipacks here

How To Use

How to Use Grove Bag

Using Grove Bags is as easy as it gets. All you need to do is place your plant materials inside the bag and seal it up. You can then store the bags in a cool, dark place.

There's no need to squeeze the air out of Grove Bags to create a vacuum. Ideally, you should leave about 25% of the space in the bag empty.



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