Trimzilla Bowl Trimmer


Size: 16"
Sale price£174.99

Trimzilla Bowl Trimmer

Trimzilla Bowl Leaf Trimmer is simple and effective with no mechanical parts. Just place the product in the top chamber, turn the handle and users will be left with a great looking end-product.

Trimming can often be a real pain, requiring days of arduous work and, often, multiple people. A bowl trimmer like the Trimzilla makes light work of larger quantities of plant matter, saving a lot of time and effort, and allowing a single person to get the job done in double-quick time.


1 x Trimzilla Bowl Trimer. Choose your size using the dropdown menu.

Options available:

16" Trimzilla Bowl Trimmer

19" Trimzilla Bowl Trimmer

24" Trimzilla Bowl Trimmer


  • One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to automate the trimming process
  • A real bargain - represents exceptional value for money.
  • Hand-driven bowl trimmer - uses no electrical parts.
  • Lightweight and portable - easy to travel around with.
  • Clear plastic lid, allowing you to gauge when your product is ready.
  • Saves hours of time compared to hand trimming with scissors.
  • Features removable rubber tongues, allowing them to be easily cleaned.
  • Comes with two sets of spare 4-way wire blades.
  • Collects leaf matter and waste, keeping everything tidy.

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