Zip-Zag Brand Smellproof Bags


Size: 25 x Small (17.1cm x 16cm)
Sale price£11.99

Great for Curing, Transporting and Storing Pungent Materials

Zip-Zag Brand manufacture the finest quality and most effective storage bags we've come across. They form a tight seal that prevents smells from escaping, no matter how pungent the material! Manufactured in Canada from high-quality plastic, these zip-lock bags will ensure that the contents stay fresh and that the surrounding atmosphere stays free of unwanted odours. Zip-Zag Brand bags shouldn't be compared to cheaper alternatives available in supermarkets that are designed to be used once and then thrown away. Zip-Zags can be used again and again and won't perish or tear, making them a much better investment.

Recommended Additional Purchases

Integra Boost Pouches - Wack one of these in your Zip-Zag Bag and you’ll create the ideal conditions needed to bring the very best out of your herbs. They’re low-cost items that are simple-to-use, but can vastly improve the quality of the finished product. Try one on your next harvest and experience the difference for yourself. Because Zip-Zag Bags form such an airtight seal, they allow Boost Pouches to work to their full potential.



1 x pack of Zip-Zag Brand Smellproof Bags


  • Teams up nicely with Integra Boost Pouches when used for curing
  • Choose from an array of sizes
  • Leak-proof, resealable and re-useable
  • Low oxygen transfer rate
  • Preserves flavours and aromas
  • Prevents the oxidation of precious essential oils
  • Protects contents from outside pathogens
  • Heat sealable
  • Manufactured in Canada

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