Integra Boost Curing Packs - 2-Way Humidity Regulators


Variant: 55% Humidity / 8 gram
Sale price£1.49

Perfectly Cured Herbs, the Hassle-Free way!

Wack one of these humidity packs in your curing jar or Zip-Zag Brand Smellproof Bag and you’ll create the ideal conditions needed to bring the very best out of your herbs. They’re low-cost items that are simple-to-use, but can vastly improve the quality of the finished product. Try one on your next harvest and experience the difference for yourself.

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How the Integra Boost Works

When you’re growing beneficial herbs, such as lavender or sage, the final stages are some of the most important. Drying and curing your materials allows chlorophyll within the plant to decompose (and the bi-products of this process to also break down). This dramatically intensifies flavours and aromas, increasing potency. When cured correctly, your plant materials will have greater overall appeal, so it’s an important step that shouldn’t be skipped.

Up to now, the trickiest part of this process has been maintaining the right conditions for optimal curing, and that’s where Integra Boost packs come in. These little pouches are made with two-way humidity regulators — when you put one in your curing jar, it will remove excess moisture as needed. However, if the inside of the jar is too dry, the Integra will actually release moisture, keeping humidity levels at the level specified on the packet.

Other curing packs on the market do a similar job, but, unfortunately, many of them come with an unwanted side effect: they can destroy the smell of your end-product — exactly what you don’t want! That's why it's important to choose a brand like Integra, which has no negative impact whatsoever.

Integra Boosts are available with two humidity levels: 55% and 62%. That’s because the sweet spot for curing is generally 55% to 62%. So far, feedback has suggested that the 55% versions have had the best impact for our customers, but many people may for 62% versions. Both are considered to be within the ideal range.

You’ll notice that these pouches come with an indicator card, which should be placed in the jar or curing bag along with the Boost sachet. The indicator card has a dot on the front that changes colour. When it turns blue, you’ll need to replace your Boost sachet.



Your choice of Integra Boost Curing Pack in 8 or 67 grams and either 55% or 62% humidity percentage


  • Delivers an end-product with pungent smells, intense flavours and a superior consistency
  • Incredibly simple to use – just wack it in your curing jar or Zip-Zag Bag
  • Utilises technology that’s been perfected by cigar connoisseurs 
  • Maintains completely consistent humidity levels within optimal curing ranges
  • Two-way humidity control - increases or decreases moisture levels as needed
  • Comes with indicator card to tell you when the pouch needs replacing – no guesswork required
  • An incredibly cost-effective solution – prices start at only £1.25!!!
  • Prevents materials from becoming dry and crispy and helps to prevent mould issues
  • Made from tough, durable tear-resistant materials and food-grade inks

How To Use

How to Use Integra Boost Humidity Packs

Using these humidity packs is as simple as adding them to your curing jar or curing bag.

Be sure to add your indicator cards, too. Place them in the jars or curing bags along with the Integra Boost sachets.

The indicator card has a dot on the front that changes colour. When it turns blue, it's time to replace your Boost sachet.

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