Trimpro Rotor - Trimming Machine
  • 129020 trimpro
  • 129020 trimpro
  • 129025 trimpro workstation
  • Trimpro rotor and work station
  • Trimpro rotor and work station

Trimpro Rotor - Trimming Machine


Add a Workstation:

Trimpro Rotor

£1,299.95 £1,299.95
Trimpro Rotor - Trimming Machine
  • 129020 trimpro
  • 129020 trimpro
  • 129025 trimpro workstation
  • Trimpro rotor and work station
  • Trimpro rotor and work station

Autonomous trimming for large amounts of produce

The Trimpro Rotor gives you the bomb proof build quality, a Teflon coated grid and razor sharp suction blades of the Trimpro Original, and adds fully motorised rubber 'fingers' which gently roll your crop around the trimmers grid, removing any excess leaves. Using a Trimpro rotor you can take all the hard work out of trimming; when your crop has spent enough time being trimmed, just open the hatch to remove and add more. You have the option of a standalone Rotor, to attach to a work surface or table, or you can add the Workstation, and have an all-in-1 standing solution. 

  • Trimpro – Original and Best
  • Hardwearing leather and rubber fingers
  • Easy access to the chamber from the top of the unit
  • Quick and effective trimming
  • Non-stick, Teflon-coated spiral grate
  • Very easy to use system
  • Heavy-duty, sturdy build quality - solid as a rock
  • Angled grate for the quick release of materials


1 x Trimpro Rotor (with or without workstation)

Height: 406mm (16")
Diameter: 533mm (21")

Dimensions inc workstation:
Width: 457mm (18")
Length: 457mm (22")
Height: 685mm (48")

How the Trimpro Rotor Works:

The basic principle of the Rotor is the same as other Trimpro units: a rotating set of blades sits underneath a Teflon-coated, non-stick grate. The blades have flaps attached to them and the spinning motion creates air displacement, which generates suction. This suction pulls excess leaves towards the spinning blades while the rest of the produce is protected by the grate.

As well as the standard features common to Trimpro products, the Rotor also has a rotating top section that houses rows of either leather or rubber fingers (the system is supplied with both). As this top section rotates, the attached leather / rubber fingers circulate material around the trimming chamber, ensuring an even trim. The grate on this unit sits at an angle, so that, when you wish to remove plant materials from the chamber, you can do so easily by simply opening the exit door with motor still running.

What puts Trimpro products well above the rest of the competition is the sublime build quality that can be felt through every component. Trimpro really do strive to deliver the finest quality products to its ever-growing base of loyal customers. Years of intensive research and careful consideration have been put into every aspect of the design and manufacturing of these units in order to create an end-product that’s sturdy, effective, robust and reliable.

How to use the Trimpro:

Prior to use please note:
The hub (which sits on the drive shaft) and the Trimpro blades / flaps should never be separated. If adjusting, always use the blocking screw located on the side of the hub to remove the hub and blades as a combined unit; do not use the screw located on the top of the hub that sits in the centre of the blades and flaps.

Assembling the Trimpro Rotor Workstation is a quick and easy process. Use the four hand-tightenable butterfly screws supplied with the kit to secure each of the legs in place.

The Rotor system can then be positioned so that it sits directly above the hole in the surface of the Workstation. Fit the top of the collecting bag around the black plastic ring using the Velcro fasteners, and then attach the ring to the underside of the table using the clips on each side of the table top.
Always read the supplied instruction sheet before using the machine for the first time and follow all safety guidance carefully.

Using the Trimpro:

The Trimpro Rotor is very simple to operate. First, plug the unit in at an electrical outlet socket. There are two switches located on the black box that sits above the trimming chamber. The upper switch controls the rotating top section that houses the leather / rubber straps that circulate materials around the trimming chamber. The lower switch turns on and off the movement of the blades / flaps underneath the grate. Turn on both features at the two switches and drop plant material directly into the trimming chamber from above the unit. Always keep your hands well away from the internal workings.

The fingers attached to the rotating top section will drive the produce around the chamber, ensuring an evenly trimmed end product. The manufacturer states that produce should be left to circulate around the chamber for 1 to 3 minutes. Pay close attention for the first few batches and edge on the side of caution, in order to gain a feel for the way that the machine works.

Once the materials have been adequately trimmed, they can easily be removed by opening the exit door on the front of the unit via the sliding catch. Because the grate sits at an angle, materials will escape easily through the exit door, so have a container on standby ready to catch it as it comes out.

Sharpening the blades:
The blades should be cleaned regularly with isopropyl alcohol to remove any residue and maintain effectiveness. To do this, remove the top section of the Trimpro Rotor using the three metal fasteners around its outer circumference. Use a cloth to carefully rub the alcohol over the blades while being extra careful not to allow fingers or any other body parts to make contact with the edges. If you also wish to sharpen the blades, you should remove them as one unit along with the hub by using the screws located on the side. Never separate the blades from the hub. Use a grindstone to move along the underside of the blade in a 'left to right - right to left' motion.

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