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Shogun Fertilisers

Since Shogun Fertilisers were released onto the market in 2014, they have become one of the top nutrient brands. Manufactured by Aqualabs in the UK, their nutrients and boosters contain special ingredients that are not found in the bottles produced by other nutrient brands. For example their Samurai base nutrients include SmartZen, a unique product that has been shown to increase yields by up to 8%. And their flagship booster, Sumo Boost, contains Triacontanol which has been shown to greatly increase the flowering/fruiting response in plants, leading in turn to bigger yields. Try Shogun nutrients today and prepare to be amazed! Why not watch our video guide on How to Mix Base Nutrients in our Blog Here.

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Shogun Fertilisers

Some brands of nutrients have a world-beating root-booster in their line-up, some other brands have a legendary flowering booster or stimulator. Shogun Fertilisers revolutionise all that, with each and every part being the best available in it's category. If you grow plants, and you care about yields and quality, then you need to be in the know about Shogun nutrients!

No longer do you have to use a brand of nutrient that only has one exceptional component, nor do you have to pick and choose the best products from each brand - each and every part in the Shogun Fertiliser line-up rivals the best available on the market and then beats it!

During the painstaking scientific development of their products, Shogun nutrients refused to accept any formulation that was second-best to anybody else's. The result? A world-beating line-up of nutrients that simply outclasses every other brand.

Shogun Fertilisers have been especially designed to be used with UK Water, proving that no stone has been left unturned in the pursuit of excellence. Using the full Shogun line-up will clearly outperform any other manufacturer's line-up, producing the highest quality flowers and fruits, in the biggest quantity that's possible.


The Shogun nutrients line-up includes not one, but three of the finest and most effective flowering boosters and stimulators. Use all three, each at the right time, and the size and quality of your yields will be unmatchable:

Sumo Boost speeds up plant metabolism for faster growth. It also stimulates natural processes within the plant, such as essential oil production. The biggest yields possible of the highest quality are the result.

PK Warrior 9/18 provides the extra phosphorous and potassium that your plants will be hungry for when you use Sumo Boost. P and K are the main nutrients that plants need during a vigorous flowering session. PK Warrior makes sure that your plants do not run short of these vital components, without which, yields would be severely compromised. 9-18 is the perfect ration of PK for optimum results. The old PK 13/14 formula, still used by many brands today, was originally designed for agricultural use. For indoor gardens, 9-18 is the correct, proper and most effective ratio.

Dragon Force is like using a turbo button at the end of the flowering stage. Capitalising on the beautiful, huge blooms already created with Sumo Boost and PK Warrior 9/18, Dragon Force squeezes every last drop of growth and essential oil production out of your plants as the flowering session draws to a close. Use the week before the flush, as a complete replacement for your normal base nutrient if you like, and stand well back!

Shogun Fertilisers - Calmag

As plants approach late veg and onwards into flowering, their requirement for calcium and magnesium increases. These secondary nutrients really need to be added as a supplement to get the most from your plants.

During flowering, plants need magnesium in particular in order to make use of the extra phosphorous provided by your PK booster (preferably PK Warrior 9/18). Magnesium is also the central atom in a chlorophyll molecule. Photosynthesis is absolutely impossible without it.

Calcium is used in plant cell walls and in the growth of roots and shoots and assists with immune function. Calcium is also required for plant metabolism and enzyme activity. If that wasn't enough, it also assists with the uptake of nitrites, which are a form of nitrogen (N) used in many feeds.

In other words, enough calcium and magnesium is absolutely vital for tip-top plants and vigorous growth.Unfortunately, just adding extra calcium and magnesium is not the whole answer because they also need to be available in the right ratio to prevent them locking each other out.

Shogun Nutrients Calmag provides these two crucial elements in the ideal ratio for perfect plant growth, along with a little nitrogen and iron to help with chlorophyll creation. Use Calmag from late veg stages until a week or two before the flush for plants free from deficiencies of these secondary nutrients.

Shogun Fertilisers - Silicon

Silicon is used in plant cell walls and is not usually provided in any base nutrients. An adequate supply of silicon helps to produce thick stems, with better structural strength, capable of supporting the heavy blooms or fruits that you will be going to get as a result of using the Shogun Fertiliser line-up.

Silicon also helps with plant transpiration (uptake, use and reduction of evaporation through leaves of water) and therefore also helps with drought resistance. Silicon also helps with resistance to pests, enhancing protection, and assists with nutrient uptake and CO2 absorption. Make sure you include Shogun Nutrients Silicon in your nutrient schedule to build stronger plants with better immunity.

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