Shogun - Propagation Starter Pack


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Give Your Plants the Best Start Possible

This incredibly convenient starter kit gives you everything you need to get your cuttings and seedlings going faster than ever. It is essential to give your babies everything they need for the best start to life possible. This kit provides exactly that. Included inside are Shogun Katana Roots and Shogun Start, two incredible nutrients providing everything your little ones will need. Katana Roots will promote vigorous and healthy root growth and Shogun start to provide everything else they need to flourish during their most vulnerable stages.


  • Delivers massively improved strike rates for cuttings and seedlings
  • Decreases turnaround times, making your garden more productive
  • Fully effective in any growing medium - coco, soil or hydroponic
  • Helps to control root diseases like pythium - ideal for summertime
  • Promotes vibrant root health for massively increased nutrient uptake
  • Can be used with any base nutrients

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