Shogun Fertilisers - Silicon


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Shogun Fertilisers - Silicon

If you want plants with noticeably thicker stems, stronger branches and a greater resistance to pests, diseases and pathogenic fungi, then you’ve found the right product. Shogun Nutrients Silicon works by toughening individual cell walls, which in turn fortifies the entire plant structure. A must-have additive for the serious grower!

How Shogun Silicon Works

The team at Shogun set out with a simple, yet highly ambitious brief: to create the most effective nutrient range on the market for a price that’s affordable to every grower. It was a task that required extensive research and development, but after numerous side-by-side tests and detailed analysis of other leading plant nutrition products, they’ve managed to deliver a range that sits proudly alongside the very finest high-end nutrient lines, and at a fraction of the cost. Connoisseur growers often select flagship nutrients from various companies and combine them to create their ideal nutrient regimen. With Shogun, you can achieve the same effect by simply sticking to their complete range, knowing that each component product has been formulated to compete with the very best alternatives available.

Shogun Silicon is an additive that can be used from the moment your cuttings or seedlings develop roots, right up to the final flowering stages (just before flushing). It works by strengthening the walls of plant cells, which in turn produces thicker stems and stronger branches that can support more weight. Shogun Silicon also increases the production of chlorophyll, which optimises the use of co2 in the surrounding atmosphere, accelerating the process of photosynthesis. This leads to greener leaves and an all-round improvement in plant vigour. Happier, stronger plants produce bigger and better fruits, so you can also expect to see an improvement in the quantity and quality of your harvest. The structure-enhancing properties of this product also work against pests and diseases – insects find it much harder to penetrate leaf matter and plants develop a resilience to ongoing threats from pathogenic bacteria and fungi, aswell as negative changes in the environment. Shogun Silicon delivers exceptional results in all types of media, whether it’s hydroponic, aeroponic, coco or soil based.


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  • Shogun – world-beating nutrients with world-beating price tags
  • Developed by a leading biochemist
  • Concentrated, cost effective formula
  • Shogun Silicon - Improves plant structure by strengthening cell walls
  • Promotes thicker stems, stronger branches and bigger yields
  • Reduces water loss through leaves
  • Increases resistance to pests, diseases and environmental changes
  • Enhances nutrient uptake and CO2 absorption rates
  • Can be used to raise the pH of your nutrient solution
  • Highly effective in any medium or system
  • How To Use

    This product can be used right the way through both the vegetative growth stage and flowering stage. You can start applying it as soon as young seedlings or cuttings develop roots and continue using it right up to the point where you are ready to flush, 1-2 weeks before harvest time.

    Make up your base nutrient as usual and add Shogun Silicon at a rate of 1ml per litre of nutrient solution. Stir the solution vigorously to ensure that the contents are evenly mixed. This product will naturally raise the pH of your nutrient solution, so always check the pH levels after adding to ensure that they sit inside the optimal range for your chosen growing method. Adding silicon before pHing will actually help to stabilize the pH levels of your nutrients over a longer period of time.

    As with all nutrients, boosters and additives, never mix them together in their concentrated form (i.e. straight out of the bottle). Always add each nutrient, booster or additive to your reservoir or feed water in turn, giving the solution a good stir to mix it in before adding the next one.

    Shogun Silicon is an aggressive liquid. Aggressives are types of substance which can cause damage to skin and clothing and can cause burns. This group of products includes, but is not limited to: pH Up (potassium hydroxide), pH Down (nitric acid, phosphoric acid, citric acid), Liquid oxygen (hydrogen peroxide) and products containing liquid forms of silica/silicon. Always add straight to your reservoir water and mix well straight away. Do not mix aggressive substances with any other product while in their concentrated form. When using, always wear suitable protection (gloves, goggles etc.) and keep out of the reach of children at all times.


    Potassium (K2O): 4.6%

    Silicon: 1.6%

    Shogun Silicon recommended dosage: 1ml per litre

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