Shogun Fertilisers - Geisha Foliar Ready-To-Use Spray and Refill


Size: 5 Litre
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Initiate More Flowering Sites with Shogun Geisha Foliar Spray!

Shogun Geisha Foliar is an awesomely effective plant spray containing a mixture of exclusive ingedients that not only boosts a plant's metabolism, but also triggers the development of more flowering sites when the plant is in the early stages of budding. When used later in flowering, Geisha Foliar enhances the plant's whole fruiting response, leading to larger crops and increased quality. Use with Shogun's brilliant Sumo Boost for an even greater effect!

How Shogun Geisha Foliar Works

To compliment it's already impressive line-up of base nutrients and boosters, Shogun fertilisers has released Geisha Foliar which sets this superb range even further ahead of the field.

Geisha Foliar contains unique ingredients that causes a marked upsurge in a plant's metabolism. It also includes Boron and Bio-activators that escalates water uptake. Used during the vegetative stage, Geisha Foliar speeds up plant growth and causes the plant to increase the number of budding sites. Used during flowering, Geisha Foliar maintains the increase in metabolism causing increases in the growth of flowers and fruits while simultaneously improving quality.

Shogun Geisha Foliar contains different ingredients to Sumo Boost. Shogun recommend they are used together for an even more awesome effect.



Your choice of size of 750ml spray bottle of Shogun Nutrients Geisha Foliar ready-to-use Spray or 5 litre refill (choose your size above)


  • Shogun – UK nutrient company creating world-beating nutrients with world-beating price tags
  • Developed by a leading biochemist
  • Geisha Foliar is supplied ready-to-use in it's own spray bottle
  • Enhances the plant's metabolism
  • Creates more flowering sites
  • Increases fruit and flower growth
  • Enlarges final crop size
  • Improves quality
  • Use with Shogun's Sumo Boost for an even greater effect

How To Use

How to Use Geisha

Shogun Geisha Foliar comes ready-to-use in it's own spray bottle. It should not be diluted before application; simply shake the bottle well before using.

When the lights are off (preferably when they have just turned off), spray the leaves of the plant on both the tops and the undersides. Ensure that the leaves are fully coated but if run-off occurs then you are using too much. The aproximate rate to use it at is between 300-375ml per square metre.

Use the spray once every 2 weeks during the vegetative stage to maintain the effect.

Geisha Foliar can be used throughout a plant's life to improve plant growth speed, and to increase yields and improve the quality in your final product.

For an even greater effect use Shogun Sumo Boost along with Geisha. Simply add between 0.75ml and 1.5ml of Sumo Boost to the spray bottle and shake well.

We'd never recomend using any foliar sprays during the flowering stage.

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