Shogun Fertilisers - Sumo Boost


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Shogun Fertilisers - Sumo Boost

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Shogun Sumo Boost is a potent flowering stimulant used from the beginning of the bloom phase right up to the final flush. It triggers an explosive increase in essential oil production by stimulating your plants' metabolism, adding anything up to ten percent to the weight of the end product and improving the flavour and appearance of your fruits in the process. Very highly recommended!

We recommend using regular Sumo Boost for hand watering. If you're looking to use it an active system, like a flood & drain, a dripper or a deep water culture system, please use Sumo Active Boost instead.

How Shogun Sumo Boost Works

The team at Shogun set out with a simple, yet highly ambitious brief: to create the most effective nutrient range on the market for a price that's affordable to every grower. It was a task that required extensive research and development, but after numerous side-by-side tests and detailed analysis of other leading plant nutrition products, they've managed to deliver a range that sits proudly alongside the very finest high-end nutrient lines, and at a fraction of the cost. Connoisseur growers often select flagship nutrients from various companies and combine them to create their ideal nutrient regimen. With shogun, you can achieve the same effect by simply sticking to their complete range, knowing that each component product has been formulated to compete with the very best alternatives available.

Shogun Sumo Boost took 3 years to develop. One of the ingredients that makes it stand out from the crowd is something called triacontanol at the ideal concentration of 0.05%. Triacontanol is a naturally occuring phytohormone that is found in most plant matter. Blended with other great natural ingredients like fulvic acid, humates, cytokinins, fucoidan, betaine, amino acids, vitamins and polysaccharides, Shogun Sumo Boost does your plants a whole world of good! Triacontanol works by upregulating photosynthesis, getting the leaves on your plant to use more of and make more use of the light that hits them. Sumo Boost also increases CO2 assimilation and plant respiration, stimulates essential oil production and upregulates gene expression. It also downregulates the influence of stresses on the plant, and enhances the plants immune system, making them much more able to cope with drought, heat, cold or damage from pests and diseases. On top of all that, it also increases the plant's metabolism. It begins to work super quick, after just 2 hours after application. Our customers that they see a huge difference in their plants after just 1 to 4 days, in many cases literally overnight! Shogun Sumo Boost also has a very positive effect during the vegetative stage but for the biggest effect on yields it is best kept for the flowering period.

Triacontanol is a completely naturally occurring plant growth regulator. It is found in low concentrations in the leaves of most plants. It is completely safe to use and non-toxic. Triacontanol is very difficult to keep stable in a liquid form. Shogun spent over 2 years perfecting the art of creating this product. Other manufacturer's products that claim to contain triacontanol have almost ineffective levels of it, and the producers do not use the proprietary stabilising techniques that Shogun uses to keep the triacontanol effective in the liquid.

Shogun Sumo Boost also contains peptides that allow plants to detect and react to environmental signals.

Shogun Sumo Boost is a premium flowering additive that can be used as a foliar spray or administered through roots. It triggers an explosive upsurge in your plants' metabolism, stimulating essential oil production and adding up to 10% to the final weight! The increased level of oil production also means that you'll have an end product with a much greater depth of flavour. Sumo Boost's powerful bio-stimulators even ensure that your plants develop a healthy resistance to attacks from pathogenic fungi and bacteria by re-inforcing their immune and defence system during the most critical period of their life cycle.


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  • Shogun – world-beating nutrients with world-beating price tags
  • Developed by a leading biochemist
  • Concentrated, cost effective formula
  • Sumo Boost - Immensely powerful. Maximises final weight, increasing it by up to ten percent!
  • Contains the fantastic natural phytohormone - triacontanol
  • Stimulates the rapid production of essential oils
  • Adds depth to the flavour of fruits and improves final appearance
  • Strengthens your plants' metabolism, improving plant efficiency and photosynthesis
  • Guards against attacks from pathogenic bacteria and fungi
  • Best suited for handwatering in soil or coco

How To Use

Shogun Sumo boost can be applied not just in the flowering phase but also during the vegetative stage for increased growth. Stop using it just before you start the final flush (generally 1-2 weeks before harvest). Make up your base nutrient as usual and add Shogun Sumo Boost at a rate of 1-2ml per litre of nutrient solution. Check pH and EC levels to ensure that they sit within optimal ranges for your chosen plant species and the stage in its life cycle.

Shogun Sumo Boost can also be applied as a foliar feed. Fill your sprayer, add 2ml of Boost per litre of water and pH the solution to around 6.0. Spray directly onto leaves when the lights are off, leaving plenty of time for them to dry out before the lights switch back on again (otherwise you may risk burning). Do this at most once a week.

As with all nutrients, boosters and additives, never mix them together in their concentrated form (i.e. straight out of the bottle). Always add each nutrient, booster or additive to your reservoir or feed water in turn, giving the solution a good stir to mix it in before adding the next one.

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