Shogun Fertilisers - Samurai Coco Nutrient A&B


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Shogun Fertilisers - Samurai Coco Nutrient A&B

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Shogun Samurai Coco Nutrient looks set to be the world-beating coco nutrient from the geniuses at Shogun Nutrients. This 2-part feed contains 2 very special ingredients that no other manufacturer uses. This has been tested and shown to increase yields by a whopping 6-8% over standard NPK formulas. Don't compromise your crop - use Samurai Coco for all your grows in coco!

How Shogun Samurai Coco Nutrient Works

Building on the success of their awesome range of additives and boosters, Shogun have done it again with their new range of base nutrients. This particular one is for growing in coco, and it contains 2 exclusive additives that sets it totally apart from the rest of the coco base nutrients on the market, making it totally unique.

As you might expect, the main ingredients are all of the highest quality, supplying all the Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium that the plant needs, along with all the micro-nutrients that they require too. Coco has a strong tendency absorb calcium and release potassium. Shogun Samurai Coco contains an optimised ratio of nutrients for growing in coco. This ensures that there will be no deficiencies (as long as plants are watered every day and at least 20-40% run-off is achieved).

However, Shogun Samurai coco nutrient also contains the exclusive additive - SmartZen

SmartZen is a blend of sterols, lignans, tannin, lipids and hydrocarbons. Together, they give a huge increase in photosynthesis and lower any heat stress. These ingredients are not found in any other base nutrient, yet they have been shown to increase yields by 6-8%. SmartZen also helps plants cope when temperatures go out of the ordinary too.

As if that wasn't enough, Shogun Samurai coco nutrient also contains AquaZen - a special ingredient that ensures that the coco fibre in your pots is wetted evenly and thoroughly to the optimum level for the very best root development. In some cases, your feed water can flow straight through the coco fibre in your pot without wetting it properly, this is called false drain. AquaZen improves the penetration and wetting ability of the feed water.

Instead of just bringing out yet another standard nutrient or copying someone else's formula, Shogun went right back to the drawing board and started again from scratch. The result? - The best coco base nutrient that money can buy, bar none!


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  • Shogun – world-beating nutrients with very affordable price tags
  • Developed by a leading biochemist
  • Concentrated, cost effective formula
  • Proved to increase yields by 6-8% over other nutrients
  • Contains the new exclusive yield-booster - SmartZen
  • SmartZen hugely increases photosynthesis and lowers heat stress
  • Also contains AquaZen for superior water distribution throughout coco fibre
  • This top quality coco nutrient is now the one to beat!
  • Samurai Coco A&B is now available in 25 litre bottles!

How To Use

How to Use Shogun Samurai Coco Nutrient

Shogun Samurai Coco Nutrient is for plants grown in coco either hydroponically or by hand-watering. It is designed to be used right the way through the grow in both the vegetative and flowering stages.

Always aim to get at least 20-40% run-off EVERY DAY for best results and the healthiest root zone.

Fill your hydroponic system reservoir or coco feed water container with water and add equal amounts of Samurai Coco Nutrient Part A and Samurai Coco Nutrient Part B to the tank to achieve the required strength and mix well. Shogun Fertilisers recommend a dosage of 2 to 4 ml/Litre of both part A and part B. We recommend using a syringe or beaker for accurate measurement of this product and a CF/EC/PPM meter such as the Bluelab Truncheon to check the TDS. Adjust as necessary.

Next, add any additives and boosters you wish to use and again mix well. We recommend Shogun's own range of superb boosters with this feed. Adjust the pH of the solution to the required level using pH up or down as necessary. We suggest an optimum pH of 5.8 for best results. We recommend the use of a pH meter such as the Horticare pH meter to help accurately set the pH to the required level. It is recommended you renew the nutrient solution in your reservoir every 7 days.

Both parts of a 2-part nutrient are designed to be used together in equal amounts. Using only part A or part B, or using them in unequal amounts will result in a nutrient solution which is not properly balanced. This will almost certainly lead to your plants suffering from deficiencies.

As with all nutrients, boosters and additives, never mix them together in their concentrated form (i.e. straight out of the bottle). Always add each nutrient, booster or additive to your reservoir or feed water in turn, giving the solution a good stir to mix it in before adding the next one.

Manufacturer's recommended dosage rates are only for vigorously growing plants that are in the peak of health. Slower growing plants and those that are not 100% healthy will require a lower dosage rate. Learn more about how to control nutrient strength and pH levels in hydroponics in our blog guides: Control of Nutrient Strength Levels in Hydroponics and pH Control in Hydroponics

Shogun Samurai Coco Nutrient recommended dosage: 2 - 4ml/Litre of both Parts A & B to achieve the required strength according to your feeding schedule.

Shogun Samurai Coco Nutrient A&B combined NPK: 6.3 - 2.3 - 4.5

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