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Zenzym, A Multi-Enzyme Product That Breaks Down And Reinvigorates Old Media And Dead Root Matter, Turning It Into New Plant Food

The newest addition to the Shogun range is Shogun Zenzym, an enzyme product which helps you to breakdown dead root matter and other unwanted residues and turn them into food for your plants to thrive off. It also helps to keep recirculating systems clean and free of biofilm buildup.

How Shogun Zenzym Works

The team at Shogun have developed a formula for a powerful and affordable enzym product. giving growers a new way of breaking down root masses and reinvigorating their soil for future crops. Old, dead roots waste space in the root-zone and thereby incumber the growth of vigorous, fresh roots. On top of that, they can harbour harmful organisms which could cause infections such as root rot.

Shogun Zenzym uses natural enzymes to first strip away the hard exterior layer of dead roots so that they can then be fully broken down. The resulting broken down roots become nutrients which will then supplement your normal feeding schedule. The root zone becomes healthier and less susceptible to infections. Also, there will be more space available for new root growth. This product is especially beneficial if you reuse your soil, coco or clay pebbles as it refreshes and revives it.

There's an additional benefit to using Shogun Zenzym is that it breaks down biofilm. If you have a dripper system Shogun Zenzym will help to prevent them becoming blocked.



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  • Shogun - world beating nutrients and formulas
  • Developed by a leading biochemist
  • Suitable for all types of growing media
  • Breaks down dead root matter and turns it into food for your plants
  • A natural enzymatic formula
  • Prevents the blockage of drippers caused by biofilm formulas
  • Used at a rate of 2.5m/L from veg through to harvest
  • Increases yield & crop quality
  • Want to learn more about the science? Check out our blog with Dr Callie from Aqualabs here
  • How To Use

    How to Use Shogun Zenzym

    For best results Shogun Zenzym can (and should) be used right through from veg and flowering. Use it any grow medium - soil, coco and clay pebbles. It is especially useful in dripper systems to help keep them clean and free from blockages. This product contains no nurient as it is a biostimulant only

    Use it with your usual feeding program and add it to the feed water at a rate of 2.5ml/litre. Where possible, keep the pH below 7.0 for best results.

    When mixing your feed water always add one nutrient at a time and give the solution a good stir to mix it in before adding the next one.

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