Duct Fans

Duct fans are designed to control the environmental conditions in your grow room, helping to keep temperature and humidity levels optimal, while drawing in a fresh supply of CO2 that your plants can use to photosynthesise. We now offer Hyper Fans and Revolution Vector EC systems that feature super-efficient digital motors, delivering a greater level of airflow for every watt of electricity consumed. If you're on a tighter budget, then don’t worry, you'll find your old favourites, like RVKs, KSAs and Isomax fans below.

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Duct Fans

It is vitally important to replace the air in a grow space. This is because the air will generally get very warm due the grow light (especially with HPS). Also, as the plants transpire by losing water through their leaves the humidity will go up. As the plants photosynthesise they will also use up the CO2 in the air. A duct fan (preferably connected to a carbon filter) will remove the old, stale air and draw in fresh air. We only stock quality units that offer good rates of air movement and great reliability.

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