Phresh Hyper Fan Stealth


Fan: 6-inch (150mm) – 560m3/hr
Sale price£237.99

V2 Edition - Even More Powerful and Just as Quiet!

Please note: The 12 Inch variant is available as purchase to order.

Stealth Hyper Fans utilise extra casing and dampening foam to produce extremely low noise levels. The V2 editions improve on the originals by delivering even greater levels of static pressure, increased airflow and a higher degree of controllability (from 0% to 100%). V2s are also compatible with a larger selection of controllers, which now includes the EC Fan Speed Controller, EC1 and EC5. Make the switch to a digital fan and you won't look back.

How the Hyper Fan Works

Digital fans offer numerous benefits over traditional AC fans. Firstly, they’re much more efficient, meaning that they shift a greater volume of air for every watt of electricity consumed. Over time, you’ll save a fortune on your energy bills, and this money can be put to use in other areas of your grow room. Digital motors also generate incredible static pressure levels, so adding a carbon filter won’t affect air flow as much as it can with other fans. V2 Hyper Fans feature Abec 7 self-lubricating bearings, which makes them incredibly durable. For peace of mind, Hyper Fans come with a two-year guarantee, but you can reasonably expect them to last much longer.

A tethered fan speed controller is included with this unit, which allows you to manage airflow levels straight out of the box. It's worth bearing in mind that it is not temperature sensitive - if you want to regulate fan speeds according to room conditions, then you'll need to buy a separate controller.

Airflow Rates

6-Inch V2: 560 m3/hr
8-Inch V2: 1230 m3/hr
10-Inch V2: 1840 m3/hr
12-Inch V2: 3100 m3/hr

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1 x Hyper Fan Stealth (choose your size above), 1 x 2m power cable, 1 x controller with 5m cable, 1 x Gavita adapter (which makes it compatible with the EL1F and EL2F).

Recommended Additional Purchases

G.A.S Cable Pack 16 (allows you to connect V2 Hyper Fans to a separate controller)

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  • Built with extra casing and noise dampening foam to keep sound levels to an absolute minimum
  • Utilises 9-pole, electronically commutated (EC) motors
  • Generates even more static pressure than the V1 (which was powerful anyway)
  • Highly efficient - produces greater airflow levels per watt of electricity
  • Easily pays for itself by saving a fortune on energy bills
  • Tougher steel casing and Abec 7 ball bearings
  • Supplied with a controller that can regulate fans from 0% to 100%
  • Comes with a two-year warranty, for complete peace of mind
  • Check out our complete extraction kits for money-saving deals

How To Use

How to Use this Product

6-Inch V2
Diameter: 150mm
Airflow: 560 m3/hr
Max watts: 42w
Peak amps: 0.3
Decibels: 52

8-Inch V2
Diameter: 200mm
Airflow: 1230 m3/hr
Max watts: 90w
Peak amps: 0.7
Decibels: 55

10-Inch V2
Diameter: 250mm
Airflow: 1840 m3/hr
Max watts: 180w
Peak amps: 1.2
Decibels: 57

12-Inch V2
Diameter: 315mm
Airflow: 3100 m3/hr
Max watts: 320w
Peak amps: 2.8
Decibels: 59

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