Fan Speed Controllers

Although high rates of extraction is great during the warm months, when it comes to winter it can cause your garden-space to get too cold for optimum growth. We have an extraction fan speed controller to suit every indoor garden and extraction system. We also have the latest hybrid types for the ultimate in quiet fan-running! Control your air-flow and your grow-environment properly, and see your plants thrive! Read about the different types of Fan Speed Controller in our Blog Here

About Fan Controllers

An extraction system is a very important part of an indoor grow setup. It removes stale, CO2 depleted, damp air, and removes heat too. The problem is that in colder months, an extraction system running at full speed can remove too much heat leaving your plants growing in sub-optimal temperatures. A fan controller allows the grower to balance the extraction rate with the temperature in the grow area. This means that your plants will enjoy ideal grow temperatures all the time which will lead to faster growth and bigger yields.