Isomax Silencer Fan


Size: 8" (200mm) 3-Speed Fan 580/800/870 m3/hr
Sale price£379.99

Isomax Acoustic 3-Speed Silencer Fan

Isomax duct fans run extremely quietly. The 6-inch and 8-inch versions also feature a 3-speed controller, allowing you to vary airflow without the purchase of a separate unit.

How Isomax Fans Work

To grow successfully, you’re going to need to create an optimal environment for your plants. Your extractor fan is used to move air to and from your grow area, and will play a role in removing odours and excess moisture, replacing the carbon dioxide that your plants depend on for the process of photosynthesis, and maintaining consistent temperatures. The extractor fan is such a crucial element of any successful grow that it pays to invest in the very best.

Isomax fans are designed from the ground-up to reduce noise levels. The outer casing functions as a silencer and has a thick layer of insulating foam-lining around its inside, providing outstanding sound protection. Remarkably lightweight, Isomax fans feature Swiss-engineered, energy-efficient motors, reducing power consumption and lowering energy bills, making them incredibly economical.

The Isomax Acoustic 3-Speed Silencer Fan also features a 3-speed fan-controller system, so that you can reduce air-flow levels when it may be preferable, providing added flexibility and saving money on additional fan-controller units.

These fans are highly reliable. Once installed, operational failures are rare making them practically maintenance free. Overheating is prevented by a thermal switch, so peace of mind can be maintained at all times.

Airflow Rates

6-Inch: 310/360/410 m3/hr

8-Inch: 570/770/870m3/hr

10-Inch: 1480m3/hr

10-Inch: 2310 m3/hr

12-Inch: 2380 m3/hr

12-Inch: 3260 m3/hr

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1 x Isomax fan (choose your size above)


  • Isomax (Air Force 2) duct fans – prestige products at the pinnacle of the market
  • Variable output 3-speed controller on 6" and 8" models
  • Sublime build-quality – the Rolls Royce of duct fans
  • Integrated silencing technology delivers extremely low noise-levels
  • High-torque motor generates immense air-pressure
  • Energy-saving – efficient Swiss-engineered motor
  • Reliable and hassle-free – maintenance is rarely an issue
  • Two built-in hanging attachments for easy positioning
  • Check out our complete extraction kits for money-saving deals

How To Use

How to Use Isomax Fans

Isomax fans are used to move air to-and-from your grow area. For the purpose of removing odours, you will need to use this product in conjunction with a suitably matched carbon filter. Always double-check that your filter can accommodate the level of air-flow that these fans will draw through them, otherwise, their effectiveness may be compromised. This could lead to the escape of unwanted odours and a loss of efficiency. We only ever recommend using quality Rhino Filters, especially for use with fans of this prestige.

Your Isomax Fan will need to be positioned AFTER the carbon filter in your extraction setup. Stale air should be sucked through the filter and away from the grow area using the Isomax, and then ducted outside. Be sure to check that the positioning of your duct fan correctly matches the direction of the airflow in your extraction system before connecting the ducting. There are hanging attachments on either side of the Isomax to ensure that it can be positioned easily. Rope Ratchets make a great additional purchase: they’re perfect for supporting larger items, and, hanging fans in this way helps to lower vibration and reduce noise.

Keep the layout of your ducting simple, forming the shortest, straightest route to an outside area possible. If using flexi-ducting, ensure that it is fully stretched out, in order to remove any folds. Following this advice will lower air-resistance and allow you to get as close to 100% efficiency as is achievable. Ducting arrangements that are too long or have too many bends will create unnecessary noise and lower the effectiveness of your extraction. Putting a little time and effort into planning this aspect of your grow will pay dividends, helping to keep the air that your plants depend on as fresh as possible.

The Isomax (Air Force 2) is supplied with a pre-attached power cable of at least 1 metre in length, but will require the fitting of a 3-pin plug. The relatively short span of the supplied cable could be an issue if your fan is to be positioned in an area without a power socket in close proximity, so it may be advisable to have an electrically competent person fit it with an IEC connector. This would allow you to power-up the unit with any cable that has an IEC connection and a suitably fused plug.

The high-torque motors on these duct fans are incredibly powerful, so under no circumstance should you ever put your fingers anywhere near the fan blades when they are operational. Doing so will almost certainly result in serious injury.


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