Systemair Revolution Vector V2 EC Fan (Silenced)


Fan: 6" (150mm) - 764m3/h
Sale price£443.99

The latest revolution from Global Air Supplies has arrived - Revolution Silenced V2 is the next generation of silenced fans.

Engineered by Systemair to be lighter, quieter, and maintain all the advantages of the original model. The Revolution Silenced V2 raises the bar and is the ultimate sound-absorbing fan.

How Vector Fans Work

The new sealed housing is the culmination of a team of engineers who developed a new and novel solution to reduce the noise of airflow. Revolution fans have silent motors and double-balanced blades. However, the powerful aerodynamically optimised blades and guide vanes create fast, high-pressure air flows that can cause issues with noise.

Vector fans feature frictionless electronically commutated (EC) motors that deliver a level of efficiency that blows the competition out of the water. They use around half the power of a tradtional duct fan, saving you piles of cash on your energy bills. They also generate huge pressure levels, moving a ridiculous volume of air for their size and dealing with the drag factor created by your carbon with ease. The Revolution Vector fan is perfect when absolute silence is required and by attaching Vortex Ultra Silent Ducting to your Revolution Vector your maintaining virtually zero noise.

It should be noted that Vector fans need to be used in conjunction with a G.A.S. fan speed controller, which was designed and engineered specifically for use with EC motors. The results are tuly mindlowing: you can regulate fans with pinpoint acuracy, right down to 1% of their output in 1% increments, and with no buzzing or humming! Did you know that when you turn a typical duct fan down to, for instance, 50%, it will deliver less than 50% of its rated airflow and it will continue to use 100% of the power! That's because they were never designed to be regulated in the first place, making the process inefficient. Vector fans, however, were engineered specifically for the job. If you turn a Vector down to 1%, you'll get 1% of the max output and it will use around 1% of the power - a true feat of engineering!

Revolution Silenced V2’s new housing incorporates a sound-reducing foam designed specifically for ventilation systems. It does not absorb moisture or dust. The metal flanges are inserted into the housing with rubber grommets to form a seal. The fan, flanges and the silencing tube seal into a light, sturdy, and moulded outer-body, deadening sound.

Airflow Rates

6-Inch: 764 m3/hr

8-Inch: 1345 m3/hr

10-Inch: 1787 m3/hr

10-Inch L: 2102 m3/hr

12-Inch: 2122 m3/hr

Recommended additional purchase: Vortex Ultra Silent Ducting



  • Features a cutting edge frictionless digital EC motor
  • New sound-reducing foam designed specifically for ventilation systems
  • Does not absorb moisture or dust
  • Incredibly light compared to the original model
  • Silent motors and double-balanced blades
  • Features a new optimised impeller design that streams air more efficiently, directing it in a perfectly straight line
  • Incredibly whisper quiet, virtually silent with Phonic Trap Ducting attached
  • Check out our complete extraction kits for money-saving deals

    How To Use

    What Cables Do I Need?

    Vector fans come without the cables that you need to connect up a fan speed controller. Fortunately, most compatible fan speed controllers already come with the cables needed to get up and runnning, straight from the box. In some instances, though, this is not the case, so always double-check the fan speed controller's listing before ordering or get in touch with us for assistance.

    Compatible EC Fan Controller Equipment

    G.A.S. EC1 Thermostatic Fan Speed Controller - a simple budget controller that regulates your fan according to room temps.

    G.A.S. EC Fan Speed Controller - connects to two separate EC fans to control the difference between output rates. Great for generating negative pressure when your intake fan and extraction fan are the same size.

    G.A.S. Enviro Controller - offers control over EC fans, and it can also switch on (and off) almost any piece of equipment according to grow room conditions or timing schedules. Highly recommended!

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