Mammoth S-Max Fans


Fan: 6"
Sale price£259.99

Silenced Mammoth EC Fan

Move a LOT of air as quietly as possible with the Mammoth S-Max. This powerful EC fan uses half the energy of a standard AC fan while delivering incredible levels of static pressure.

It also comes with an integrated controller, allowing users to change the airflow levels without needing purchase of a separate unit.

Silent Running

Featuring aluminium casings with integrated noise dampening foam, S-Max fans operate extremely quietly, keeping your grow space as discreet as possible. This design reduces sound levels to as low as 50dB, which is roughly equivilent to the noise level found in a quiet office environment.

50% More Energy Efficient

EC fans are by far the most cost efficient duct fans on the market. On average, they use just half the energy of regular AC fans! This means that you can recoup the initial outlay costs through energy savings. As electricity costs gets more and more costly, it makes sense to invest in equipment that will save you tons of cash in the long-run.

Built-In Fan Controller

The S-Max also comes with a fully adjustable speed controller, meaning growers can operate the fan at a level that best suits their plants' environmental requirements, as well as their budget.

Supreme Levels of Static Pressure

Don't be fooled by the low energy consumption rates - Mammoth S-Max fans are extremely powerful. The largest fan in the range can move an incredible 2987 cubic metres of air per hour. This pulls fresh air into the grow space (even if you're not using an intake fan), keeping conditions cooler while controlling moisture levels and drawing in fresh CO2 for your plants to use in photosynthesis.

Airflow Rates

6-Inch: 594 m3/h
8-Inch: 1205 m3/h
10-Inch: 1808 m3/h
12-Inch: 2987 m3/h

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Choose from the following options using the dropdown menu:

4 Inch (100mm)

5 Inch (125mm)

6 Inch (150mm)

8 Inch (200mm)

10 Inch (250mm)

12 Inch (315mm)


  • Very quiet - lightweight, aluminium casing acts as a silencer
  • Lined with noise-dampening foam to keep sound levels to an absolute minimum
  • Circulates up to 2987m3/h depending on your chosen size
  • Maintains an optimal environment, delivering better growth rates
  • Much more energy efficient than AC fans
  • Comes with an integrated controller
  • Compatible with all EC control units
  • Designed to maximise power output
  • Operates as low as 50dB (quiet office level)
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How To Use

Setting up this fan is quick and easy, thanks to its built-in hanging hooks.

Hang from the ceiling of your grow space using rope ratchets, then plug the lead provided into a mains source and switch on to begin use.

To adjust the S-Max’s power, connect the 0-100% speed controller to the back of the unit.

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