Mains Lead (3-Core Black) With Moulded 5 Amp Plug & Stripped Ends

MISCSKU: 82256

Length: 2 metre
Sale price£2.99

Mains Lead (3-Core Black) With Moulded 5 Amp Plug & Stripped Ends

This black PVC mains lead has a moulded 5 amp plug at one end and stripped wires at the other end. Ideal for providing mains power to a device requiring wiring-up, such as an in-line duct fan.

How the Mains Lead Works

This 2 metre mains lead will allow you to provide mains power from a mains socket to a mains powered device that requires wiring-up (such as an extractor fan). A moulded 5 amp mains plug is pre-fitted at one end and the other end has stripped ends to make the job as easy as possible.

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1 x Mains Lead with Moulded 5 Amp Plug & Stripped Ends (choose between 2m and 5m versions)


  • Allows you to provide mains power to an unwired device like an extractor fan
  • Stripped wires at one end speeds up the job
  • Moulded 5 Amp mains plug is pre-fitted
  • Choose between 2 and 5 metres long

How To Use

How to Use the Mains Lead

Wiring jobs should always be carried out by an electrically competent person. The 3 stripped ends are colour-coded to make identifying the conductors easy. Brown is Live/Line, Blue is Neutral, Yellow-Green is the Earth. When the wires have been securely and correctly connected to the mains-powered device and made safe, the mains plug can then be connected into a mains outlet and switched on. Never attempt to connect up a mains cable when it is plugged in.

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