Mains Cable 2m - Moulded 5 Amp Plug to Female IEC Plug

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Mains Cable 2m - Moulded 5 Amp Plug to Female IEC Plug

A 2 metre long mains cable for feeding an IEC plug (kettle type) such as those found on ballasts, reflectors, some fans and various other types of electrical equipment.

How this Mains Cable Works

The 2 metre long mains cable with moulded 5 Amp Plug and Female IEC Plug transfers mains power from a 13 Amp mains socket to a device with an IEC male inlet. This type of lead is commonly referred to as a kettle lead although this particular version should not be used for this as most kettles require more than 5 Amps and would cause this lead to be overloaded. This type of lead has a variety of uses such as providing power to a ballast or various types of electrical equipment up to 1150 Watts. This lead can also be used to provide power to a reflector when using a Compact Fluorescent Lamp which runs directly from the mains. However, it should never be used to provide mains directly to a HPS or MH lamp as these require their power to come from a suitable ballast. Plugging any type of HID lamp directly to the mains may cause fire, explosion, damage or risk of electric shock.

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  • 2 metres long
  • Moulded mains plug with 5 Amp fuse
  • Provides power to an IEC (kettle-type) plug
  • Fits the socket on some KSA fans

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