Vitalink Nutrients have built up an army of followers over the years, based on their reputation for delivering products that produce great results, for extremely reasonable prices. Using data pooled from numerous academic institutions, their research and development team have implemented a range of tweaks that push the original products to a new level of performance. They've done this without sacrificing the characteristics that made Vitalink such a favourite in the first place and without passing on any increased cost to the grower!

New additions in the form of Cal-Mag, Root-Stim, PK 13/14 and Finale add depth to the range, allowing you to fine-tune your plant nutrition to absolute perfection. Pushing things a step further, other new products include Chill, Heat and Hydrate – a powerful trio of anti-stress supplements that will ease your plants through difficult periods of heat, cold and drought, squeezing the very best results from your indoor garden, regardless of the time of year.  Why not watch our video guide on How to Mix Base Nutrients in our Blog Here.