Vitalink Nutrients have built up an army of followers over the years, based on their reputation for delivering products that produce great results, for extremely reasonable prices. Using data pooled from numerous academic institutions, their research and development team have implemented a range of tweaks that push the original products to a new level of performance. They've done this without sacrificing the characteristics that made Vitalink such a favourite in the first place and without passing on any increased cost to the grower!

New additions in the form of Cal-Mag, Root-Stim, PK 13/14 and Finale add depth to the range, allowing you to fine-tune your plant nutrition to absolute perfection. Pushing things a step further, other new products include Chill, Heat and Hydrate – a powerful trio of anti-stress supplements that will ease your plants through difficult periods of heat, cold and drought, squeezing the very best results from your indoor garden, regardless of the time of year.  Why not watch our video guide on How to Mix Base Nutrients in our Blog Here.

About Vitalink Nutrients

Vitalink have been around for a very long time - in fact, over 2 decades. They are one of the most trusted brands of nutrients and boosters for growing plants in soil, coco or hydroponics.

Their rigorous manufacturing and testing processes (in Coventry, UK), and premium ingredients ensure that their formulations are reliable, consistent and very high performance. Their constant development ensures that they are always at the cutting edge on the nutrient industry


Turbo is one the most impressive boosters you can buy. It contains something called Brassinosteroids which are naturally found plant hormone. It decreases stress, and increases growth speed leading to bigger, heavier crops.


Rootstim is a highly effective root boosters that there is. Use it from the cutting stage to produce a huge, healthy root system. Roots are the engine of a plant and the results produced by Rootstim will eventually be healthier plants and bigger yields.

Plant Start

Plant Start is a gentle nutrient designed to nurture cuttings for the first couple of weeks after rooting. It is a very safe product when used as directed.

Vitalink Buddy

Buddy is a very well known flowering booster that has been around for a very long time. It stimulates profuse flowering and is used by a huge amount of growers to get the biggest and best quality crops possible.

PK 13/14

PK13/14 supplies additional nutrients (Phosphorous and Potassium) which plants hunger for during the peak of flowering. Only use as directed.


Cal-Mag can help if your plants suffer from a deficiency in Calciium and Potassium which can happen at any time but especially in mid-flowring. It can also be used if you are in asoft water area and you only have hard water nutrients to hand.

Vitalink Fulvic

Fulvic helps with the uptake of nutrients and helps to shuttle around the parts of the plant. Expect healthier plants and higher quality crops.


Finale is a flushing agent to help rid itself of excess nutrient at the end of the grow. Helps with flavour and quality.


SIlicon makes plants stronger and improves photosynthesis. It makes plants more disease resistant too.

Vitalink Chill

Chill is a great additive to help with heat stress. Use from a couple of weeks before the hot weather starts for the best results.


Heat is designed to help plants through cold weather. Like Chill, it should used a couple of weeks before the weather turns to prepare the plant.

Vitalink Hydrate

Hydrate helps protect plants should they become underwatered. It needs to be used before a drought occurs so use regularly so that your plants are ready if the worst should happen.