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House and Garden are producers and suppliers of top-grade plant nutrition. The man behind it all, William Van de Zwaan came from a family of horticultural experts. His products are innovative and very highly regarded by the hydroponics plant growing community. There is a top-class House and Garden nutrient for every growing style and medium. Their range of boosters (including the utterly superb Roots Excelurator) are unique, innovative and revolutionary, and produce results that simply can't be found anywhere else. If you are looking for a new nutrient line-up, the tried and trusted House and Garden range may be perfect for your needs! Why not watch our video guide on How to Mix Base Nutrients in our Blog Here.

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House & Garden Nutrients

House and Garden was designed in the Netherlands by a leading horticulturalist - Willem Van de Zwaan - who came from a family of gardeners. Using his know-how he created one of the most reliable nutrient lines available. It has stood the test of time and has been one of the top nutrient lines since 1990.

These days it is manufactured in a facility in Humboldt California in a very ecologically green facity witha zero-waste policy. It is available all over the world and is used by many medical installations where quality and aroma are first and foremost in their demands.

Sporting not just one but two unique products, House and Garden are innovative with products that are difficult to beat. Roots Excelurator has been known to be the most powerful rooting stimulator you can buy, while House & Garden Amino Treatment is an awesome all-round growth stimulator.

William Van de Zwaan has grown many prize winning roses. Even the pope has thanked him for helping the Vatican grow their unique carnations.

House & Garden - it's awsome, and it always has been.

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