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Plant Magic

Plant Magic Plus are British made line-up of plant nutrients, boosters and stimulators. To Plant Magic, quality has always been key, delivering the finest nutrients that money can buy!

The Plant Magic Oldtimer Organic nutrients (in Grow and Bloom formulations) are the perfect choice for growers wanting to keep it all natural, and grow the happiest, healthiest plants possible. Plant Magic Oldtimer Organics also create the finest tasting crops when used in an organic soil grow. We love them!

All of the boosters, including Plant Magic Veg Boost, Bio-Silicon and Catalyst are naturally derived and really make difference to growth rate and plant health. The end-result of using them is super-size crops with outstanding tastes and aromas. Thousands of growers are discovering the exceptional Plant Magic line-up. For the best crops possible, try Plant Magic Plus!

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About Plant Magic

Plant magic (or Plant Magic Plus, to give them their full name) are a dyed-in-the-wool British nutrient manufacturer.

They make a full range of both mineral and organic origin, with a range of matching boosters and additives to boot.

Not just for Soil

Plant Magic are particularly well known for their soil nutrients in both their A&B mineral version, and also their single bottle organic oldtimer nutrients. Both of these nutrients are the best soil nutrients that you can buy. Also, they also have a unique, innovative, and dedicated nutrient for the DWC (Deep Water Culture) method of growing.

The Additives

Whether it's a silicion additive or a PK booster, Plant Magic produce a range of additives to go along with their mineral nutrients. They also produce a "Bio" range of additives to go alongside their organic oldtimer nutrients. You will get fantastic results whichever range you decide to go with.

For the organic grower they have the oldtimer granules to boost the beneficial microbe population. They also have their dual action natural pest and fungus control spray - Bugicide.

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