Plant Magic Platinum PK 9-18


Size: 500mls
Sale price£45.99

Platinum PK 9-18, the potent flowering booster

Plant Magic's Platinum PK 9-18 brings you a highly-potent flowering booster which uses a unique blend of bio-stimulants, sulphur and nitrogen to deliver bigger plants and heavier yields. Platinum PK 9-18 can be used in soil, coco or full hydro systems, meaning you'll get fantastic results whatever medium you decide to grow in.


  • Contains Phosphorous and Potassium which increase flower production
  • Provides Sulpher which helps aid the speed of photosynthesis
  • Gives your plants a health boost with Nitrogen
  • Contains Bio-Stimulants that feed the roon zone of your plants with microbes and fungi
  • Improve the uptake of essential nutrients
  • Comes in 500ml or 1 litre bottles
  • UK Made in Lancashire

How To Use

Shake well before use and use once every 10-14 days until you see the first signs of your plants flowering.

Use at 0.2 - 0.5 ml per litre of water

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