Plant Magic - Enzyme


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Plant Magic – Enzyme

Plant Magic Enzyme improves the health of the root zone with a two-pronged attack: it breaks down dead roots and other organic matter, and then turns the material into useable food for your plants. A win win!

How Plant Magic - Enzyme Works

Plant Magic Enzyme works by breaking down dead roots. Enzymes are substances that speed up the process of certain reactions within living organisms, such as breaking down food within our digestive system. It does a similar thing with the dead organic matter in your plants, by getting rid of the point of attack for bacteria and mould and turning it into useful sugars that have a stimulating effect. This in turn makes your plant stronger and healthier, whilst also reducing the risks of toxic substances forming, or stunted growth. The absence of dead roots makes it more difficult for diseased organisms and pathogens to get a foothold on the plant’s healthier roots or to find an entry point. This root growth, when supported by sugars and nutrients broken down by the enzyme, helps the plant to take up even more nutrients therefore strengthening the roots and making the plant healthier.


  • Uses essential enzymes to break down dead root material
  • Helps to prevent root rot and diseases like pythium
  • Stops plants from being susceptible to attack from tank cleaning products
  • Maintains a healthy root-zone
  • Used at 2ml per litre
  • Highly effective in any growing medium

How To Use

How to Use Plant Magic – Enzyme

Plant Magic Enzyme can be with any growing medium used at any point during the veg and flower cycle at a rate of 2ml per litre of nutrient solution. Plant Magic Enzyme is perfect if you are going to reuse substrates, as it will help to break down any traces of dead roots from the last grow. Many growers soak their used clay pebbles with enzyme for a few days to eliminate dead matter. Enzyme is also not susceptible to products for tank cleaning (such as Hydrogen Peroxide).

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