Plant Magic - Evolution 2.0 Spray


Size: 500ml
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The new and improved Evolution 2.0 is the ultimate foliar spray which delivers rapidly visible results. It will speed up vegetative growth, promoting the formation of new shoots. It also helps quickly revive stressed and sickly looking plants. The addition of a new super wetting agent greatly improves absorption and it can be sprayed when the lights are on or off.

Plants absorb nutrients in a foliar spray more efficiently than root feeding, meaning the results are seen much quicker. Evolution 2.0 utilises this benefit to the maximum with a cleverly thought-out formula to supercharge your plants! It is comprised of a blend of bio-stimulants and plant hormones alongside sugar to help fuel growth and improve photosynthesis. Trace elements and amino acids are included to ensure healthy growth and the presence of humic and fulvic acids help to deliver nutrients quickly into plant cells. The result of all of this is a massive increase in vegetative growth and new shoots being formed, this is a sure-fire way to reduce veg times and set your plants up to be strong and heavy yielding in the flowering stage. The inclusion of the new super wetting agent now means absorption is even quicker than the original Evolution formula and it can now be sprayed when your lights are on too. The effects can be seen in a matter of hours after application.


  • Revives stressed plants
  • Speeds-up vegetative growth
  • Increases the growth of new shoots

How To Use

Evolution 2.0 can be used with almost any nutrient schedule but extra care should be taken if other foliar feeds are being used at the same time. Evolution 2.0 is suitable for use on rooted cuttings, mother plants and any plants in the vegetative phase of growth. The Plant Magic feed chart recommends using Evolution 1-2 times per week from the start to finish of the vegetative period. It should be sprayed until run off for the best results. The product is ready to use straight out the bottle and does not need diluting.

For mother plants always ensure you have given 2 applications of Evolution during the week or so leading up to when cuttings will be taken to ensure there are an abundance of new shoots to take cuttings from.

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