CannaCure - Ready To Use Spray or 1 Litre Bottle


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CannaCure - Ready To Use Spray or 1 Litre Concentrate Bottle

A healthy plant is a happy plant. And a happy plant produces bigger yields of excellent quality produce. Ensure the health of your plants with Cannacure – the natural way to prevent/control pests and mildew.

How CannaCure Works

When sprayed onto plant leaves, CannaCure makes a natural, biodegradeable and environmentally friendly second skin which is flexible and which still allows the plant to breathe (transpire) normally. The second skin prevents pests and mildew spores from making direct contact with the plant leaf. Pests are unable to penetrate it to feed. Pests will stick to the skin and then die as they are unable to function and feed. To cure infestations it is very important that CannaCure is applied thoroughly to both upper and lower leaf surfaces from the top to the bottom of the plant.

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  • Creates a natural, breathable second “skin” on your plants
  • Prevents / controls pests and mildew – even spidermites, white-fly and mealy bug!
  • Stimulates growth as a leaf nutrient
  • Keeps your plants healthy, shiny and clean
  • Healthy plants produce bigger yields of higher quality
  • Ready to use, and comes in a convenient spray-gun!
  • Comes in two sizes: 750ml spray bottle and 1 litre concentrate
  • 1 litre concentrate makes 3 litres of spray

How To Use

Either use the ready-to use spray gun version or dilute the concentrate at 330ml in 1 litre of water, mix well and transfer into a spray bottle.

Using a spray-gun set to a fine mist, apply the solution liberally and thoroughly to both sides of all the leaves on your plants, from top to bottom. If you have a heavy infestation then repeat spraying after 3 days and again after a further 3 days if necessary, then use weekly afterwards. To use as a preventative measure, apply CannaCure once every 7 days. Use CannaCure from beginning of growth right through to harvesting. This product is not intended to be a root-feed and should not be added to soil or hydroponic reservoirs. Although CannaCure contains a leaf nutrient, it is essential to continue with your normal soil/hydroponic feeding plan.

We caution against foliar spraying during heavy flowering or fruiting as this may encourage mould. Using a spray-gun with a fine mist, spray your plants from top to bottom ensuring no part is missed. Ensure that the topsides, and most importantly, the undersides of all leaves are wetted completely. As always with foliar sprays, only use in low light intensity conditions and ensure none gets on your grow-lamp. The ideal time to spray your plants is when your grow-lamp has just gone out for the dark-cycle while the stomata are still open. This allows time for the spray to be absorbed before the lamp comes back on, reducing the chance of foliar burns due to intense light hitting wet leaves.

Used as directed, CannaCure will become a gardeners best friend for preventing/controlling pests and mildew. It’s an absolute bargain for the peace of mind of a pest-free, healthy garden.

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