British Organic Bio Nutrients

British Organic Bio nutrients were created to provide your plants with the highest quality organic products available. British Organic Bio nutrients are better for the earth, and the growers which choose to fuel their plant growth with their products.

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Using Organics in Organic Farming

Farmers all over the world push their yields up another notch using organic plant nutrients, and many indoor growers have opted to do the same due to the increase in flavours within your fruits. The British organic bio range provides the perfect nutrient and energy source for your crops, right the way through both the vegetative and flowering phases. It uses a mix of beneficial microbes and a high-quality nutritional composition to provide everything your plants need. Organic crops benefit from a mix of microbial power and a comprehensive fertilizer regime to get the best aromas and flavours; here's an overview of their range.

Fish Base

A unique product that uses sustainably sourced fish biomass to create a balanced organic feed for growth. It's is created using a patented process for hydrolysing the skeleton and muscle of fish caught in the Atlantic Ocean.

Fish Base provides the elemental base nutrients required for a fast and healthy crop. It also provides biochemicals found in the hydrolysed fish protein that will stimulate extra growth; this includes bioactive compounds such as amino acids.

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Carbon Base

Carbon base perfectly complements Fish base and is an energy source for both your plants and the beneficial microbes that are essential for a successful grow in organic crops.

The carbon based nutrition in this product is the foundation of a strong resilient growth, the likes of which organic farming is renowned for, giving you amazing soil life which is essential for healthy plants.

The nutritional composition of Carbon Base perfectly complements those found in Fish Base, so we recommend using both products to provide a comprehensive fertiliser regime both in vegetative and flowering phases of plant growth.

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Organic Boost

Boost your yields and flavour with Organic Boost. Organic Boost contains Triacontanol, an ingredient derived from bees which increases your plants ability to pile on the weight. It's highly concentrated too, meaning you get awesome bang for your buck.

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Organic Microbes

Unlike conventional fertilisers, organic fertilisers contain complex and long nutrient molecules. These need to be broken down in the growing medium/soil before they can be taken up by plant roots. The breaking down of these large nutrient molecules is undertaken by beneficial microbes feeding off the fertiliser and compounds exuded by the plant roots to feed them. As a result, ensuring that there is a large population of beneficial microbes in the growing media is essential in organic farming. Bacteria optimised to this task are provided in very high numbers in B.O.B. Organic Microbes.

In addition to solubilising nutrients, the plant growth promoting bacteria in Organic Microbes will also protect against environmental stress (heat, cold, drought, over-watering etc). They can also help the plant resist attack by pathogens and pests.

Organic Microbes contain a range of species and strains of beneficial microbes to ensure that there is a strain suitable for your specific growing conditions and plant variety.

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Sea Silica

Organic growers can finally utilize the powers of silicon in their grow thanks to B.O.B's unique breakthrough in organic nutrient technology. Sea-Silica is produced via a unique process that allows for seaweed bioactives to be co-extracted with silica content.

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Cal Mag

If you're growing in a soft water area or use reverse osmosis water, you may experience calcium and magnesium deficiencies. British Organic Bio Cal Mag helps to correct any deficiencies caused by external conditions, allowing your plants to thrive with all the minerals they need.

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