Grotek Final Flush

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Fragrance: Green Apple 1 litre
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Remove Excess Salts and Improve Flavours During the Final Weeks

Final Flush works to remove excess mineral salts during the final 7 to 10 days. This ensures that accumulated salts are used up, which translates to a better tasting end-product.

Choose between Blueberry, Green Apple and Regular (1 litre or 4 litre).


Choose your scent using the dropdown menu.


  • Available with three different aromas
  • Contains powerful solubilisers that liquify absorbed nutrients
  • Reduces salt accumulation for a better tasting end-product
  • Gets the best out of plants during the final flush, for a better tasting end-product
  • Converts accumulated salts into secondary metabolites that improve harvest quality

How To Use

Application rate: add final flush at a rate of 2ml per litre, starting 7 to 10 days before harvest.



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