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Beat the Heat With a Dose of 'Chill'!

Left unchecked, temperature problems can have a devastating effect on your crop, and if it's something you're struggling with, it makes sense to have a defence strategy. Chill and Heat are two new products from the team at Vitalink that do exactly that, strengthening plants against temperature stress and ensuring that they can still thrive in unfavourable conditions.

How Vitalink Chill Works

Chill's formula was originally developed for use in the industrial greenhouses of the commercial growing industry; its formula has been tweaked and improved after extensive testing in the Middle East. Generally, 25 degrees C is an optimal temperature for typical plants, but by adding Chill, your plants can THRIVE at temperatures of 30 degrees and above! These properties are an absolute godsend for anybody suffering with temperature issues during the summer. Chill will help to ensure that your indoor garden remains as productive as possible, even when it's difficult to keep your growroom environment within ideal ranges.



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  • Vitalink - one of the titans of the growing industry
  • A highly cost-effective product that gets the job done
  • Rigorously tested, reliable and consistent
  • Causes plants to thrive in temperatures of 30 degrees centigrade
  • Powerful and effective bio-stimulant
  • Helps to avoid any losses caused by unfavourable weather conditions
  • Promotes growth hormones within the plant that strengthen it against negative conditions
  • Rich in micronutrients
  • Highly effective in any growing medium
  • Concentrated formula: used at a rate of 0.3ml – 0.5ml per litre

How To Use

How to Use Chill

Chill is highly effective in any growing medium. Use Chill alongside your other nutrients at a rate of 0.3ml to 0.5ml per litre of nutrient solution, finishing before the final flush.

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