Rock Resinator Heavy Yields


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Rock Resinator Increases Essential Oil Production for Bigger, Tastier Harvests

Rock Resinator has been formulated to dramatically increase essential oil production and fruit size by providing the highest quality phosphorus and potassium, combined with an array of potent bio-stimulants.

Used from the second week of the flowering phase, Rock Resinator increases the number of flowering sites early on, laying solid foundations for the bloom phase. It then works to bulk up fruits and boost essential oil production further down the line, squeezing as much production as possible form your plants. Expect to see a combination of bigger yields and a better quality end-product, with enhanced aromas and flavours.

How Rock Resinator Heavy Yields Works

Phosphorus and potassium are two utterly crucial macronutrients that are in particularly high demand during the later stages of development. Phosphorus is essential for maintaining strong roots and for the formation of flowers and fruits. It's also involved in energy transfer, photosynthesis, and the storage and transfer of genetic information. Potassium, on the other hand, is involved in water balancing, enzyme activation, and the transport of nutrients throughout the plant. A lack of phosphorus and potassium can lead to stunted growth, poor root development, and a massively reduced yield. Adding in Rock Resinator will guarantee that this is never an issue!

It also contains citric metabolites to accelerate the kreb cycle, turning your plants into metabolic powerhouses. These organic acids ramp up metabolic rates, increasing the aforementioned effects of the phosphorus and potassium. To witness the impact that Rock Resinator has on plants, you could be forgiven for thinking that it contained a few nasty chemicals, like other well-known boosters out there that rely on synthetic PGRs - many of which have been revealed as carcinogens. Not in this case! Rock Resinator's biostimulants are entirely natural, giving you the results you're looking for, along with complete peace of mind.

It will deliver the goods in almost all grow systems, including NFT, DWC, flood & drain, etc., and in pretty much any grow media.



Your choice of size of Rock Resinator Heavy Yields (choose from 1 litre and 5 litre bottles using the dropdown menu)


  • Stimulates intense essential oil production
  • Adds weight and improves flavours and aromas, for a succulent end-product
  • A rich source of phosphorus and potassium - two crucial bloom nutrients
  • Loaded with all-natural, PGR-free biostimulants that speed up metabolic rates
  • Increases the number of flowering sites early on, laying solid foundations
  • Used alongside your other nutrients (be careful about using it with other PK boosters)
  • Add it to your feeding regimen from the second week of the flowering stages
  • Available in 1 litre and 5 litre sizes
  • Can be used with any grow system or grow media: soil, coco and hydro

How To Use

How to Use Rock Resinator

Add it to your regular feeding regimen, starting in the second week of flower through to the final flush. Use Rock Resinator at a rate of 1ml - 2ml per litre of nutrient solution. You should always start out lower and work your way up, though the same can be said for every other nutrient and additive. Be careful about using Rock Resinator alongside other PK boosters.

Rock Resinator  will produce great results in pretty much any growing medium or grow system.

Make sure to shake the bottle thoroughly before use.

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