Growth Technology - Nitrozyme

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Growth Technology – Nitrozyme

Growth Technology Nitrozyme is a highly concentrated extract from sea plants. Nitrozyme contains a vast array of natural growth enhancers, micronutrients and bio-stimulants to give a huge boost to any plant from seedlings and cuttings to plants just going in to flower. Growth Technology's Nitrozyme is a completely natural product and genuinely boosts plant growth speed safely and reliably!

How Nitrozyme Works

Growth Technology Nitrozyme is a completely natural product made only from sea plant extracts! Sea plants like seaweed contain vast amounts of growth enhancers, micro-nutrients and bio-stimulants. Nitrozyme is highly concentrated and can be used as a root-feed or as a foliar spray. The growth enhancers considerably increase the speed of growth in your plants while the micronutrients and bio-stimulants aid their health and disease resistance. Used as directed, Growth Technology Nitrozyme helps get cuttings and seedlings off to a great start and decreases the time before your plants are ready for flowering. Nitrozyme is a great little product that's been used and relied on by growers for years!



1 bottle of Growth Technology – Nitrozyme (choose your size above)


  • Growth Technology – professional quality products for professional results!
  • Nitrozyme – Superb growth booster for almost any plant
  • Made only from natural extracts from sea plants
  • Completely safe
  • Contains growth enhancers, micronutrients and bio-stimulants
  • Can be used as a root-feed or a foliar spray
  • Perfect for use with other Growth Technology additives & boosters

How To Use

How to Use Nitrozyme

Growth Technology Nitrozyme can be used on seedlings, cuttings, young plants and vegging plants up to the point where they are ready to begin budding. Nitrozyme is effective for plants grown in any medium and in any type of grow-system. Growth Technology Nitrozyme can be used at every watering or reservoir change, as required. Always shake the bottle well before use. For soil/coco add 1-2ml/litre to your feed-water and mix well. For hydroponics use 5-10ml/litre of reservoir water and mix well. For foliar feeding add 5ml/litre of water and mix well. Spray your plants from top to bottom ensuring the tops and bottoms of the leaves are thoroughly wetted. Be careful not to allow any liquid to come in to contact with your grow lamp. The ideal time to spray your plants is in low-light conditions or when the lights have just gone out for the dark period. This helps to avoid leaf-burn due to intense light hitting wet leaves.

As with all nutrients, boosters and additives, never mix them together in their concentrated form (i.e. straight out of the bottle). Always add each nutrient, booster or additive to your reservoir or feed water in turn, giving the solution a good stir to mix it in before adding the next one.

Recommended dosage for soil/coco: 1-2ml/litre.

Recommended dosage for hydroponics: 5-10ml/litre.

Recommended dosage for foliar spray: 5ml/litre.

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