Optic Foliar Switch


Size: 1 litre
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Prevent Hermaphrodites in Your Grow Room

Switch has an array of uses that make it a very useful tool to have in your room. Perhaps the most interesting of which is its ability to suppress male hormones and thus prevent the development of male flowers on female plants. This is something that can occur for a variety of reasons - sometimes due to poor genetics and sometimes as a result of environmental stress or overfeeding. Small numbers of male flowers can pollinate lots of plants, so eliminating them from your grow room is an absolute must. Switch represents an extremely low-cost way to solve an issue that can write off entire harvests, making it a very useful tool to have around.

As the name suggests, hermaphrodite prevention is definitely not the only use-case here. Switch plays a big role in transitioning plants from veg to flower. After switching to a twelve / twelve cycle you can expect to see large numbers of super-dense flower clusters. The greater the number of flowers early on, the bigger the potential for fruit development further down the line. Adding in a foliar treatment with Switch soon after the onset of flower (and once again ten days later) will pave the way for monster harvests later on.

To get the very best out of Switch, you should use it in conjunction with Transport, which gets foliar feeds straight into the mesophyll layer, amplifying the effects. This allows you to spray plants when the lights are on, making it much easier to maintain your foliar feeding regimen.


  • Prevents male flowers - say goodbye to hermaphrodites once and for all!
  • Reduces the likelihood of plants getting seeded
  • Used neat - just add it straight to your sprayer and you're good to go
  • Gets the best results when used in conjunction with the excellent Optic Foliar Transport
  • Helps to kickstart plants into the flowering stages
  • Reduces stretching, making your indoor garden more efficient
  • Used in the commercial growing industry - proven to be highly effective

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