BioGreen Garlic
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BioGreen Garlic


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BioGreen Garlic
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  • 30265 garlic 1 litre
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Tackle an Array of Pests and Issues the Natural Way

Adding BioGreen Garlic to your feed will prevent your plants from encountering a large number of troublesome insects and arachnids, keeping them protected and giving you complete peace of mind. It's also effective against mould and mildew when used as a foliar spray, making it highly versatile.

  • Repels a large number of pests, including thrips and spidermites
  • Works as a preventative - use it regularly and forget about pests
  • Treats issues with powdery mildew and rot
  • Safe to use - fully organic and non-toxic
  • Meets EU standards on organic food production (directive 834/2007)
  • Concentrated formula - a little bit goes a long way


1 x bottle of BioGreen Garlic. Choose between 1 litre and 5 litre versions above.

How BioGreen Garlic Works

Garlic has been revered for its beneficial properties for millennia. BioGreen Garlic contains incredibly high concentrations of a powerful active ingredient known as Allicin, with levels of around 15000-28000 ppm. Allicin is a phytochemical that's highly toxic to pests and pathogens, but entirely safe for humans - in fact, allicin is used by humans as a medicinal supplement to ward off colds and fight inflammation. When added to your nutrient tank regularly, Allicin will tackle nematodes, snails, beetles, mites (especially spider mites), thrips, louse and whitefly. When used as a foliar spray, it will also help to prevent powdery mildew and mould-related issues.

BioGreen Garlic works as a preventative and needs to be used regularly to get the full benefits. Don't wait until you encounter pests to deal with them; be more proactive in your approach and work to ensure that these problems never take hold in the first place.

How to Use BioGreen Garlic

When using it as a preventative, add it to your tank a rate of 1ml per litre of nutrient solution. This will help to ensure that your plants are never affected by pest problems.

You can increase the dose to 4ml per litre of nutrient solution when using it as a shock treatment to tackle infestations that have already taken hold.

Add Garlic to your sprayer at 50ml per litre when using it as a foliar feed to tackle powdery mildew and mould.

Do not use BioGreen alongside hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) products - this is very important!

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