BioGreen nutrients have been engineered in Holland; with years of research and development put into their products to give you the highest quality crop when using their premium, bio-organic nutrients. The BioGreen range is known for its extremely concentrated solutions & award winning formulas, pushing the boundaries of cleaner tasting and superior quality crops at a fraction of the cost of some of its competitors.

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About BioGreen

BioGreen are all about producing innovative and unique additives. There are only 4 products in the line up, each one has been designed from the ground up to offer something more than the usual stuff. Let's take a quick look at them:



Biogreen Garlic is a completely organic, natural, and chemical-free. It is a preventative against a large variety of pests, including spider mites. Generally speaking, Insects are repelled by Allicin which is one of the main compounds in garlic. It is also toxic to most insects. Garlic is added to your root-feed. As a result, it gets around the whole plant, giving a complete defence. When used as a foliar spray It can also treat powdery mildew and other types of fungal attack. For the best results, garlic should be used regularly before an infestation or infection occurs.



X-Bloom is a flowering stimulator that work in a very special way. It boosts the level of something called ATP which a big part of the energy system in plants (and animals). As a result it increases the plants' metabolism, creating more and bigger flowers. X-Bloom also contains vitamins to help plants make the most of the extra energy.



BioGreen X-Blast is a PK Booster with a difference. It not only contains lots of phosphorus and potassium but also a wide range of minerals and humates which raise the brix level in plants for a big increase in yield and the final quality of the produce.


X-Force Silicon

Silicon brings about a whole host of benefits for plants. I helps to create thicker stems and branches. It also increases a plant's resistance to plants, helps to prevent water loss. This is while increasing CO2 absorbtion and thereby increasing photosynthesis. X-Force also contains a boost of potassium, as well as the micro nutrients boron and molybdenum which are needed to make the most of the extra photosynthesis.

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