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Canna Nutrients

The famous Dutch Canna range of nutrients and boosters has base nutrients and boosters for every style of growing plants. There's Aqua for recirculating hydroponics, Hydro (Substra) for drain-to-waste hydroponics, Coco for growing in coco coir, and Canna Terra for growing in soil.

Each type of base nutrient is available in Vega for the vegetative stage, and Flores for the flowering or fruiting stage. If you are growing in soil and you're keen on keeping everything natural, try the Bio-Canna range, all of which has been certified as fully organic by SKAL. The Canna Feeding Charts and Schedules are downloadable under the attachments tabs on our base-nutrient product pages.  Why not watch our video guide on How to Mix Base Nutrients in our Blog Here.

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Canna Nutrients

The Canna line-up includes additives for greatly increased yields (PK 13/14 and Boost accelerator). There's also a rooting booster (Rhizotonic), an enzyme additive (Cannazym) and don't forget Canna Flush to get rid of unused nutrient at the end for a perfect finish!

Canna provides a complete range of great feeds and additives for the first-time grower. See our nutrient feeding guides/charts which are included on every base-nutrient listing on this website.

If you have any questions about the canna nutrients that we have on offer at One Stop Grow Shop then get in touch with us today. We always look forward to phone calls from customers and will provide you with all the most up to date and informative information to help you become a much more knowledgeable and efficient gardener. We can be contacted by phone or email from 10 to 6 (weekdays).

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