Monkey Nutrients

Made by growers for growers, Monkey Nutrients provides you with a complete range of tried and tested products, taking the best elements from other ranges & combining them into a specially formulated and vastly improved formula. Monkey Nutrients started in 2020 after years of developing their products, but they've taken off at a rapid rate which we've not seen before. Give Monkey Nutrients a go and you'll be swinging from the trees when you see the results.

Monkey Nutrients

Monkey Nutrients have been designed and are made in th UK. Monkey Nutrients have listened to UK growers and developed a nutrients range that delivers exactly the results they demand. Many, many years of experience and testing have gone into the formulations to ensure that they administer the very best plant nutrition possible.

Monkey Nutrients Grow A+B

This 2 part vegetative nutrient provides all 17 of the essential nutrients, in exactly the right rations, that your plants need. This leads to fast, healthy growth and develops the plants in the best possible way so that they are in great condition ready for the flowering stage. Grow A+B is pH stable and are the right concentration so that it's easy to reach the right EC value. With Grow A+B you'll get vibrant, lush, green plant growth.

Monkey Nutrients Bloom A+B

Like the Grow A+B, the Bloom A+B provides perfect plant nutrition but the proportions are optimised for the flowering phase. Monkey Bloom A+B follows on from Grow A+B to provide exactly what plants need for heavy flower production of the very best quality.

Monkey Nutrients Boost

Monkey Nutrients Boost is based on plant extracts which boost a plants metabolism during the plants' bloom phase. This leads to an increase in plant metabolism which stimulates more flower sites and much bigger harvests. Nutrient uptake is also improved which means that the final quality of the blooms are enhanced.

Monkey Nutrients Stress

Monkey Nutrients Stress is a blend of silicic acid (which provides silicon) and folic acid which makes a huge difference to plants' ability to deal with attacks from pests and diseases. Stress also increases the strength of cell walls which makes it significantly harder for moulds and fulgi to take a hold and thrive. Silicic acid also improves plants' ability to regulate water absorption and transpiration through the leaves. This means it helps when there is a small period of  water shortage.

Just like for humans, Folic acid improves health and immunity to disease.

Monkey Nutrients Magic Rocks

Magic Rocks utilises a mixture of synthetic compounds which help to keep plants short and also increses the number of flowering sites. Bigger and heavier blooms are assured when you use Magic Rocks. Please note: The manufacturer recommends Magic Rocks for ornamental flower use only. The do NOT recommend it for flowers which are for comsumption.

Monkey Nutrients Root Shoot

We always say that roots are the engine of the plant. A large and healthy root system feeds the plant with everything it needs above ground to create big, big harvests. Root Shoot is Monkey Nutrients' "Flagship" product. It stimulates a huge, healthy root system with lots of lateral growth and increased root hair production. On top of that, Root Shoot provides lots of minerals and vitamins which are found in plant extracts. This ensures that the huge root system remains healthy and productive.

Monkey Nutrients Magic PK 14-15

Almost all nutrient line-ups include a PK booster in one form or another. This is to supplement the amount of the 2 main flowering nutrients - Phosphorus and Potassium - during the peak weeks of flowering (weeks 5,6 and 7) when they are needed the most. The result is that yield and quality are maximised for the very best crops that can be grown. Magic PK 14-15 is very concentrated and is therefore very economical.