Nutrients & Boosters

We stock only the very best brands of plant feeds and boosters, and there’s one to suit every style of growing and budget. Whether you like to keep things simple with a single-part nutrient (like Growth Technology Ionic), or if you prefer to optimise every step of the way with a multi-part component nutrient brand (such as Advanced Nutrients or Humboldt Nutrients) we’ve got a nutrient brand that will be perfect just for you!









pH & EC Control
Reverse Osmosis Systems & Water Filters
Beakers, Jugs, Syringes & Pipettes
Advanced Nutrients
Bloom - Advanced Floriculture
Buddhas Tree
Canna Nutrients
CYCO Nutrients Platinum Series
CX Horticulture
Dry Flower Formula
Dutch Pro
General Hydroponics (GH)
Genesis Formula
Growth Technology
House & Garden
Humboldt Nutrients
Mills Nutrients
PlantLife Products
Plant Magic
Proactive Nutrients
Shogun Fertilisers
Vitalink (All-New)
Beneficial Inoculants


The range of Canna nutrients and boosters has always been one of the most popular ones around. They make great products and we are proud to stock their whole range.