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Nutrient Type Root Booster

Aptus - Startbooster


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Aptus - Startbooster


Nutrient Type Root Booster

Prepare for a massive increase in root and growth stimulation!

Aptus Startbooster is a super concentrated root and growth stimulator, comprised of 100% organic biological active ingredients. It manages to improve the cellular development of stems, and stimulates the pre-growth and vegetative process.

  • Highly concentrated formula
  • Improved root hairs, root system, and cellular strengthening of stems (2x as thick)
  • Powerful active, and natural, biological ingredients
  • Contains effective soil conditioning properties
  • Improves microlife populations and adds bio-available nutrition
  • Can shorten the pre-growth phase
  • The only root and growth booster that contains specific biomass
  • Available in 4 sizes: 100mls, 250mls, 500mls, 1 Litre


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Active ingredients in Startbooster:

Humic acids, Amino acids, Fulvic acids, Organic nitrogen and Specific biomass

How Aptus Startbooster Works:

Arguably the most powerful root and growth stimulator available, Startbooster uses specific biomass to protect the roots with growth stimulating hormones. Startbooster works visibly faster than other boosters on the market to improve veg and stem growth, so you’ll get results quickly. Using Startbooster can shorten the pre-growth phase, and its cocktail of robust ingredients activate soil micro life. This leads to explosive growth and strengthened plants!

How to use Aptus Startbooster:

Startbooster is best used during the pre-growth phase and first week of blossom. Using Startbooster as an additive alongside NPK fertilizers will increase growth, and help to protect the root system. As the formula is incredibly concentrated, only a small dose is needed to stimulate beneficial micro life, making it easy and cheap to use the product. When using drip irrigation systems with Startbooster, always use System-Clean in order to prevent build up deposits in the tank. It is recommended to use 2.5ml per 10L of water, and after measuring EC.