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Aptus - K-Boost

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Give your plants a hit of high-quality potassium!

Aptus K-Boost is a fantastic bloom/maturation booster, and gives your plants the much-needed potassium that is required in the bloom stages. As it’s an organo-mineral product, it promotes high levels of bioavailability, further increasing the quality and firmness of your end product.

  • K-Boost – high quality potassium nutrient from Aptus
  • Fully soluble and leaves no residue
  • Improves both yield and overall quality
  • High bioavailability
  • Has a minimal effect on pH levels 
  • Stimulates fruit and flower formation, whilst increasing firmness

Aptus K-Boost Contains:  

Aptus K-Boost is available in 3 sizes: 150ml, 500ml, 1 litre

How Aptus K-Boost Works:

During bloom, plants require substantial amounts of organo-mineral potassium - so by using Aptus K- Boost you’re giving your plants everything needed for a successful harvest. Whilst containing high levels of potassium, Aptus K-Boost also contains L-amino acids, combined with sulphur trioxide (SO3), to further enhance the health, yield and quality of your plants.

The potassium also improves water management in plants through osmoregulation. When potassium is deficient, stomata will not work properly, and this leads to the plant losing water quickly. Whilst potassium improves starch and protein synthesis, the sulphur is used in the maturation process, as well as to help increase the weight of your final product.

Using Aptus K-Boost:

Use during the 5th to 7th week of flowering at a ratio of 3ml – 5ml per 10 litres of water. K-boost is fully soluble and will leave no residue, but always shake well before use and keep in a dark, cool place out of the reach of children.

K-Boost can be used in combination with CaMg-Boost to help bulk up weight and firmness.

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