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For professional size crops, look no further than the superb high-tech Advanced Floriculture yellow bottle range. Also known as the "Yellow Bottle" range, this Australian designed nutrient system has been developed from the ground up to represent the very pinnacle of plant nutrition. Featuring not one but three flowering stimulators. Each of the nutrients is precisely tailored to the stage of flowering it is used in so as to maximise the end-result of your plants harvest. Read more about Bloom Advanced Floriculture in our Blog Here.

In reaction to feedback from customers, Advanced Floriculture nutrients have added an anticoagulant to prevent crystallisation during transit from its manufacturing point in sunny Australia. The affect of this is that the quality and consistency of the range is maintained, though the appearance and colour may vary from previous batches due to the additional Phosphorus and Potassium that has been added to preserve the correct ratio. Why not watch our video guide on How to Mix Base Nutrients in our Blog Here.

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About Advanced Floriculture "Yellow Bottle" Nutrients

These nutrients are affectionately known as "Yellow Bottle" by their enthusiasts. They originate from Australia and have a fantastic reputation.

The base nutrients should be chosen depending on how you like to grow. There's the Euro nutrients, which is used all the way through the grow for those who like to keep things simple. Or, there's the separate Grow and Flower separate formulation for those who want to push things to the limit.

They are a multi-part nutrient range with boosters which are optimised to the stage of growth and flowering that the plants are in. Almost all of them contain natural plant extract, fulvic acid, vitamins and amino acids for plant health and vitality.


This is used right through the growth stages to build a big, healthy root system. Roots are often called the engine of the plant. A big, healthy root system is essential for big, quality blooms.


This is used in the vegetative stage to prepare the plant for the flowering stage. It encourages a thicker main stem with short internodes but also with lots of lateral growth.


This is used during the first 2 weeks after the change to 12/12. It helps to ensure that only female flowers are formed (helps prevent hermaphrodism). It also helps to reduce the stretch and triggers the plant into flowering a little sooner. It can also be used to relief stress.


This nutrients used on weeks 3 and 4 of 12/12. It increases budding. It also provides some extra phosphorus and potassium for enhanced flowering.


Ooze is used for the last 4 weeks of 12/12. It encourages the swelling of the flowers and for them to put on weight. It contains the natural plant stimulant, triacontanol. Terpene and secondary metabolite production is increased for greater flavours and aromas so make sure your extraction sytem and carbon filter are up to scratch.


This nutrients used alongside Ooze for the final 2 weeks of flowering to encourage the plant to finish up. It also encourages a final spurt of flower production for an even greater increase in weight.

On top of these there are other supplements to increase quality. These are HumateCalOrganic SwtnrSilicaSeafuel and the foliar sprays Groigen and Florigen.

There's versions for soil, coco and hydro, so whatever you need you're covered.

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