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Air Pumps & Airstones

If you have a hydroponic reservoir in your grow system, you can do a lot of good by using an air pump and air stone in the bottom of the tank to keep the solution well mixed and fully oxygenated. Plant roots love oxygen, and so do the beneficial microbes that grow in the root-zone. By using an air pump and air stone you will help to ensure you maximise root growth and health. In DWC bubbler systems they are absolutely essential, so it's a very good idea to keep a spare pump about!

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Air Pumps and Airstones

Plant roots thrive when they are given water which has a  high level of dissolved oxygen in it. By using an air pump and an airstone in your feed water, the level of dissolved oxygen can be kept high, almost to saturation point.

The dissolved oxygen does 2 things. Firstly, it keeps the plant roots healthy. Secondly, it allows beneficial microbes to breath. Friendly microbes usually like planty of oxygen but bad microbes that can cause infections are usually anaerobic (do not use oxygen).

In a reservoir, the motion of the bubbling action will help to keep the nutrient solution well mixed.

In a DWC system, it is essential to use an air pump and airstone or else the plants roots will basicallly drown. If you run a DWC system it is a very good idea to keep and spare air pump handy in case one fails.

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