Hailea ET Air Pumps


Size: ET30
Sale price£74.99

The Hailea ET Air Pumps are advanced linear diaphragm air pumps, offering a dependable, oil-free, and high-output air solution. Renowned for their durability and reliability, they are favored for oxygenating both fish ponds and aquariums, as well as extensively utilized in Hydroponic gardening setups.

These pumps boast ample capacity, effortlessly driving multiple air stones in deep water culture systems or airdomes typical in Autopot setups. Each pump comes equipped with a rubber elbow and 10mm brass fitting designed for 10mm air lines. Combine the rubber fitting with our assortment of manifolds and fittings for seamless integration.


  • Utilising Green drive technology – energy efficient motors with low power consumption.
  • Specially formulated diaphragm material for extended life.
  • Robust and compact construction – weatherproof.
  • Easy to service with competitively priced spares kit.
  • Suited to intermittent or continuous duty applications.
  • Whisper quiet operation as low as 35dB.

How To Use

Select an air pump with ample discharge capacity for your needs, ensuring it's large enough to meet your requirements. When selecting fittings and pipe sizes, tailor them to your installation specifications, and remember to secure pipes with appropriate clips. Opting for larger bore pipes and minimizing sharp bends will enhance performance.

Be mindful of factors that can impede performance, such as bends in the air pipe, excessively deep placement of aerators, or the presence of old or dirty components, all of which can diminish capacity and strain the air pump. It's crucial to maintain consistent airflow by never obstructing the pump outlet, as this can cause damage.

To prevent water backflow into the pump, position the pump above the water level. If this isn't feasible, incorporate a non-return valve or check valve in the outlet pipe to prevent backflow.

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