Newair Air Pump Kit with 2" Ball Air Stones


Size: 1 Airstone
Sale price£21.99

Kits Featuring Single and Twin Outlet Air Pumps with Exceedingly High Pressure Levels for their Compact Size

This kit contains everything needed to aerate your hydroponic system and make sure your roots are getting plenty of oxygen. It features an awesome adjustable air pump from Newair, who manufacture air pumps that are extremely powerful for their small size. This kit works perfectly for getting oxygen into reservoirs or indivual system containers pots, like those in the IWS DWC system.

How this Air Pump Kit Works

Newair air pumps are high-quality, adjustable output pumps for moving air through air line tubing and into submerged air stones. Air is taken in on the underside of the unit and an oscillating diaphragm pushes the air through the output nozzles on the front of the unit. The airflow can easily be adjusted using a control knob on the top of the unit. Newair pumps produce particularly high pressure levels for their size, and the entering air passes through a multi-level muffler to keep noise to a minimum. The special rubber feet on the unit are designed to absorb a considerable amount of the vibration. Very little noise is produced at all, particularly when set to the minimum setting. Power consumption is also very low.

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  • 1 air stone: 1 x Newair NW3 air pump, 1 x 2" ball air stone, 1m of PVC air line tubing, 1 x check valve
  • 2 air stone: 1 x Newair NW33 air pump, 2 x 2" ball air stones, 2m of PVC air line tubing, 2 x check valves

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Don't forget that adding Silver Bullet to your reservoir will ward off root diseases for up to 5 weeks, keeping your plants growing sweetly during even the most diffcult periods.


  • Manufactured by Newair - makers of premium air pumps
  • Delivers high pressure levels for pumps of their size
  • Averages around 190 litres / hour of air movement for each and every outlet!
  • Promotes high levels of oxygen in your nutrient solution
  • Encourages rapid root growth
  • Helps to prevent root diseases, such as pythium

How To Use

Using this Air Pump Kit

Place your air pump close to your reservoir on a flat, firm surface which is above the water level of the reservoir that you wish to aerate. Connect your air lines onto the output nozzles, sliding them over the ridges until they are held on firmly. If it is difficult to push the air line on, softening the end of the air line in warm water may make the job a lot easier. Fit your chosen air stones onto the other end of the air lines and place them into the reservoirs. It is best to try to keep the air lines as short as possible because the air pressure will be reduced the longer they are. Plug the air pump into a mains outlet socket and switch it on. The air pump will now pull air in from the underside of the unit and push it out through the nozzles, down the air lines and out through the air stones. Use the control on the top of the unit to set the desired air flow.

It is good practice to place your air pump at a height above the water-line to prevent the back siphoning of liquid into the pump. Included in these kits are appropriate numbers of check valves, which can be inserted into air lines. They act as one-way valves that prevent this from happening. Just make a cut in the line with a sharp knife and insert the valve using its barbed ends. Always make sure that you have it the right way round or you'll block the airflow to the air stone.

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