Charles Austen ET 120 Air Pump


Pump: Charles Austen ET120 Air Pump - 120 Litres/Min
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Charles Austen ET Air Pumps

Charles Austen Air Pumps run extremely quietly, despite their raw air moving power and can be connected to many airstones via a manifold. All Charles Austen Air Pumps are high-quality piece of engineering for those who demand the very best air movement.

How the Charles Austen Air Pumps Work

The Charles Austen Air Pump range are pieces of precision-engineered equipment, ideal for oxygenating nutrient reservoirs. Air pumps are typically used in deep water culture systems and WaterFarms / AquaFarms – though every nutrient tank can benefit from oxygenation. These air pumps will drive air at a rate of at least 30 litres per min, rising to 120 litres, through an airline tube and into a series of airstones, which are submerged in water / nutrient solution.

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1 x Charles Austen Air Pump of your choice (choose your pump above)
1 x Brass nozzle
1 x L-shape rubber connector (for manifold attachment)
2 x Clip-rings


  • Charles Austen - prestige pump engineers
  • Can move up to 120 litres of air per minute!
  • Low noise for this size of output
  • Very reliable

How To Use

How to Use the Charles Austen Air Pump

Always position your pump in a raised area, using a stand or shelf, etc., so that it sits above the waterline of the pump’s destination reservoirs or system. This removes the chances of any water siphoning back towards the pump should the unit be accidentally switched off or in the event of a power failure. Check valves are a recommended safety precaution. Cut your air line in two and use the two barbed inlet / oulet points on the check valve to join it back together. The black end should be joined to the air line tubing coming from the air pump and the clear end should be fitted to the air line that moves on out towards the airstone.

A manifold will need to be purchased separately in order to connect this pump to standard-sized 4mm (inner diameter) airline tubing. Connect the L-shaped piece of rubber tubing, which is supplied with the pump, to the air outlet point. Fit the manifold into the rubber tubing and secure it in place using the two provided clips. Manifolds can be purchased in different sizes, depending on the number of airstones you wish to supply.

Each manifold has a different number of 4mm outlets that can be opened or closed with their own valve, giving you complete control over air direction. Connect suitably long 4mm airline tubes to the outlets of the manifold and insert airstones into the ends of the each one. It is best to try to keep the air lines as short as possible because the air pressure will be reduced the longer they are. The airstones can then be placed in your desired areas.

Please Note: These pumps have a large diameter outlet. A manifold (sold separately) is required to use these pumps with 4mm (inner diameter) airline. An L-shaped piece of connection tubing and 2 clips are provided for connecting your manifold with. Never immerse the pump in water!

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